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  1. I've got a 2008.5 Pitster Pro X4R that I'm going to be selling soon. It's a great bike and very fast. The suspension is set up nicely as well. What part of Tenn are you located? I have a project in Clemson SC if you are located on the eastern side, delivery would be easy. Email me if you would like pictures etc mwynn@tbiilm.com Only reason for selling is that I'm sticking to the 12" 10" set up instead of the 14" 12".
  2. Martman

    stock crf50 forks

    I saw a few for sale on planetmini site: http://www.planetminis.com/f11/crf-50-parts-130483.html http://www.planetminis.com/f11/stock-crf50-parts-132145.html http://www.planetminis.com/f11/2003-xr50-part-out-126664.html
  3. I recently picked up an older Thumpstar with a 110 kit. It's been a blast. I'm from a racing back ground but live on the coast with little areas to ride close by. The bike is pretty ragged out but worth the $150 I paid for it. However, I'm ready to move up to a nicer/new bike. I've searched and seems like the SSR 150 Pro is a great bike but I'm looking to stay in the $1000 range. I would rather not pay $1k and then end up buying additional performance parts in a few weeks...if that's the case I would rather spend a little more now. I had been riding a WR450 but sold due to not many places close by to ride. I'm 5'11 and around 180lbs. The SSR 125 seems to be a decent deal but I wanted to ask the community...I couldn't find many review on it. Any input is appreciated. Martman
  4. Martman

    07 WR450 prices

    $7055 OTD Wilmington NC
  5. Thanks for the info. Just got back from 25 miles...what a blast. I know I need to do the mods to unleash the beast but man it was fun compared to the DR 650! Off to do the oil change and wait for parts. Thank for the help! Marty
  6. I just got my WR and am ready to ride. I went to do the throttle stop mod prior to riding and the new aluminum frame seems to be in the way. Do I need to just break the bike in and then drop the wheel and shock to get to the carb and do all the FREE mods at the same time? Thanks for your time. Marty
  7. Martman

    2007 WR 450 or New 2005 CRF 450x?

    I just got back from Britt's. They matched the price of the other dealer! I'll pick it up tomorrow! They will not do any of the "free mods" until the 10 hour break in. So I guess I will be doing them. Can't wait to ride tomorrow! Thanks for all the imput. Now I need to research how to break this puppy in. A lot of info on the slow vs fast break in. Marty
  8. Martman

    2007 WR 450 or New 2005 CRF 450x?

    The 05 CRFx is around $5600 out the door. I found a dealer in Lumberton NC that will sell me an 07 WR 450 for $7100 out the door. I can't find any 06 WR so as soon as my DR sells...off to Lumberton!
  9. Martman

    2007 WR 450 or New 2005 CRF 450x?

    Thanks for the quick responses! I think I will call around to some Yamaha dealers to see if there are any deals to be had. The local Yamaha Dealer (Britt's Yamaha) doesn't have any 450's much less any left overs. They also just built a new building and expanding to other cities...so the "deals" right now from them have been right at retail. Any suggestions on dealers in NC or SC?
  10. Martman

    New 450X owner needs advice.

    If you don't mind me asking...what kind of deal to you get? I'm about to pull the trigger on a new 2005 as well and would like to know what that offered you prior to making my deal. Right now they are at $4999 plus tax and documentation. Which I think is a good deal. Are they giving you any mods etc for the price? Martman
  11. I know this probably isn't the most objective forum to ask but I thought I would give it a shot. I'm currently selling my 2004 DR 650 (see the classifieds on this site) and looking for something a little more competent for hare scrables and the track. I had decided on the 2007 Wr 450 but came across a brand new old stock 2005 crf 450x at a dealership. They are asking $5000 which is $2k less than the WR. I've done the research on the free mods with the WR, but haven't seen as much info on the CRFx. With limited funds..$2+ is a big difference. I raced some back in the day, but I'm by no means an expert rider. I like the jumps periodically, but most riding is woods and fast open areas. I would like to ride the track some, but will not be doing triples! Any imput would be appreciated. Martman