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  1. stevend57

    2006 crf250X jetting issue

    thanks guys - ill do that and let you know how it works thanks steve
  2. stevend57

    2006 crf250X jetting issue

    any help in the right direction would be very much appreciated thanks steve
  3. ok, i installed an M4 slip on and did the airbox cutout - the bike now has a terrible stumble off idle even when riding - what steps are necessary to jet it properly thanks steve
  4. stevend57

    rim sizes

    guys i appreciate your input and am going to leave rims as they are and just go for the shorter seat - when riding/racing am just fine but over really tough obstacles when you want to put feet down or start bike in precarious position it is difficult - anyway thanks for the replys thnaks steve
  5. stevend57

    rim sizes

    ok, i am only 5'4" and have just purchased an 2006 crf250x that i will use for cross country racing - i am going to cut my seat down, set my sag and i still want to get a little more closer to the ground - i was planning on buying some black excel rims and am curious what would happen handling and/or suspension wise if i install a 19" on the front in place of the 21" any info would be appreciated thanks steve
  6. stevend57

    KXF Kick-starting Problems

    it seems that when my bike was new it didnt matter how you kicked it and it would start second kick or so everytime hot or cold - now it is at leat 15 - 20 kicks - could this be the kick technique (or lack of) thanks steved
  7. stevend57

    hard to start

    is that the pilot jet ? thanks steve
  8. stevend57

    hard to start

    i have a 2005 KX250F that is all of a sudden hard to start when i bought it i installed an M4 pipe and Twin Air filter and for six months it was easy to start - then it got hard to start and i had the head redone with new valves etc and it is still hard to start - any ideas ? im sick of kicking it ? thanks steve