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  1. swerverite

    2001 Drz S

    I see a lot of east coat prices quoted above. While I think the guy in the craigslist ad is asking too much, DRZ's just go for more $$$ out here. I've been considering parting with my low mile '02 DRZS. PM me if you want to talk about it. I'm in Seattle, though.
  2. swerverite

    stock brakes: S vs. SM

    I've been mostly commuting on my DRZ400S and my only real complaint is that the front brake is just OK--not real confidence inspiring in hard braking on the street. I'm running the Trailwings. I have a line on a lightly used DRZ-SM. I'm going to test-ride it in a couple of days. For guys who have ridden both, are the SM brakes better? A little? A lot? Input appreciated. Thanks!
  3. swerverite

    Rear view Or lack of

    I run mirrors from Kawi ZRX1200 on my DRZ-S. I really like them.They are a good quality convex OEM mirror with a long arm that extends out much further than the stock DRZ-S units. Keep an eye out for a pair. Kawi also put the same mirrors on the ZRX1100 and ZR7. $25 a pair is what I paid.
  4. swerverite

    Anyone got step by step rejetting pics

    oops, sorry, that link is dead I have that file--it's a word doc with pics. If you want I can email it to you.
  5. swerverite

    Anyone got step by step rejetting pics

    This one helped me: http://members.shaw.ca/anethema/djinstall.html
  6. swerverite

    Aftermarket Airfilters

    NIce find, dude. I'm lazy, too.
  7. swerverite

    MCCT Adjustment Question

    Hey Olskool, I found it was easier to hear the rattle and then hear it go away on a cold engine. I found it hard to hear changes on a hot one. My hot engine is generally rattley. Try again tomoorow. Cheers, Paul
  8. swerverite

    whats the small hole for??

    It's a drain for the spark plug well.
  9. Hey guys, Just did the primary nut check and everything seems to have gone well. BTW, my bike is an '02 S model with 1500 miles. The side cover gasket was not re-usable.The primary nut was very tight, but I removed it and loc-tited it anyway. The thing I was surprised by is the coolant passage between the water pump and the engine case. The design of this makes me nervous--any leaks here would mix oil and coolant but you couldn't see it happening. You wouldn't know until you saw the telltale "mayonnaise" in your oil. Has anyone had any leaks with this? Where should I look for the mayo? Should I just ride more and worry less? Thanks!
  10. swerverite

    What Battery Is Best?

    These guys sell a good battery cheap with free shipping: http://www.westcobattery.com/battery_page.php?bid=51&vid=1&mid=544 I've had one in my FZ1 for over a year without a problem--and that bike gets ridden only occasionally. That said, battery tenders do a nice job--even the junior model.
  11. swerverite

    Valve adjust req'd?

    Here's a link to a nice step-by-step: http://www.pegmonkey.com/howto/valve_adjust/drz400
  12. swerverite

    Grip Heaters

    The dual star units designed for bikes have throttle and clutch-side specific heating elements to compensate for the uneven heat-sink effects of direct bar mounting (clutch side) and throttle tube mounting. I've had them on several bikes and have been pleased with the even heat delivery. You use them with whatever grip you want. A good deal for ~$30: http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Rider/heated_grip_kit2.htm
  13. swerverite

    3x3 mod...what did you use to cut out the hole?

    Drew shape on box, drilled 4 corners with 1/2" spade bit, hand-held hack saw blade to connect the corners, sand paper to smooth edges, shop-vac to clean debris out of airbox.
  14. swerverite

    what battery tender/charger to get?

    These are relatively cheap and do the trick just fine. Any cycle shop would have one: http://www.amotostuff.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=0210123&Category_Code=
  15. swerverite

    Do large turn signals really matter?

    The girlfriend insisted on a fender eliminator and mini-blikers for her SV650. I obliged and everytime I ride behind her I'm reminded that the visibility of those little things suck. In the garage they look OK, but from 50 yards away on the street they're pretty worthless. They're bright but they're too small. My 2 cents.