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  1. Hey want to know if anyone have had experience with mx-tech doing their SSS KYB susp? vs someone like Enzo for an instance.
  2. I have just ordered a YZF250 08 and i am pumped to get it. I have had a 04-05-06-07 CRF250R and been really happy with it, and learned it in and out. But i just want to know if there is something to look out for and how reliable the YZF250 08 really is? How good is the reliability when you modify it? Thanks Laustsen
  3. Im about to give my CRF250R 07 a valve/piston/cam chain rebuild i normally replace the intake valves/piston and cam chain at 50 hours, but had a few things on my mind. Are there a big difference between high compression pistons? for an instance Wiseco`s 150$ piston and Pro circuit`s 250$ And what about the durability? Will they last as long as the OEM piston? Are there common engine whoes with high comprssion pistons? Is it a must to run stiffer valve springs? What about the fuel? I have always run oem parts in my engine because i know it will not create engine failures. but is tempted to get more power. Anders Laustsen:
  4. laustsen

    Some pics of the bike

    Your bike is very nice. Will you recomend the FMF system? You would´nt know a place too buy the system cheap?
  5. laustsen

    Ride Report--06 CRF250R w/ Pro Circuit Dual Exhaust

    You shouldn´t know were to make such a great deal at the PC dual system that you have? I´m waiting in exitement to see what DR.D comes out whit. If they do. It seems like they are a little slow in the development process.
  6. laustsen

    bogs coming out of corners

    I had the exact same problem whit my CRF 250 05. I bought the Quick shot acellerator pump cover and thought it would disappear, but it didn´t. Then i took of the carb inspected it and cleaned it. I found out that your acellerater pump have to be perfectly clean. Minor dirt will make it bog. I but the carb back on, and the bog was gone. But i don´t think the quick shot was a bad investment.
  7. laustsen

    Any Ice Racers Out There??

    I think your theory is about right, but thats not why i´m replying. You shouldent know where to buy spike tyres, or spikes to make your own spike tyre with? The tracks here in Denmark are frosen and slippery. But the spike tyres you can buy here are pretty expensive?
  8. laustsen

    European suspension shops?

    Have bought some english magazines, and there are some shops, but i`m living in Denmark, and that would be a 2 days trip to go England for that. Im in Belgium and Holland twice a year for sand training. But thanks for the comments.
  9. laustsen

    European suspension shops?

    Year, but companys as RG3, Factory connection, Enzo, Race tech plus many more are easy to find, and rumored to be good tuners. It`s just wierd that they are so hard to find in northen europe, where motocross is rather big. And i´ve been riding for 14 years and serius about it, and know people around. Hope somebody can help me.
  10. Does any one know some good showa suspension tuners in Belgium or Holland? They seems hard to find, compared to the united states.
  11. laustsen

    French/Euro Conspiracy

    Carmichael was the best for sure, but Townley kept him honest much of the race. And if the Americans are so technical, and used to rough tracks should`nt windham have placed better than 3rd?´and the newly crowned 125 champ Tedesco was`nt Superior at all. And if the Americans are so good how come mike alessi only placed 8th at the last round of the world championship in the mx2 class, even after getting the holeshot in the second moto. I think the Americans run their mouth a little too much. Why don´t they show the rest of the world a little respect, and especially the Europeans? Anders Laustsen.