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  1. qscgyjl

    TT600R Wheelies?

    I rode the bike with the Enduro tyres and the handling was extremely nervous and it didn't want to turn into corners, felt like it had a flat front tyre. The grip from the rear in the dirt was awesome, it just took off. A closer inspection revealed I did have a puncture in the front tyre and I'd been up to 80 on it! The sidewalls are so stiff you can't easily tell, and as I hadn't ridden it straight after fitting the tyres, I didn't expect a puncture, turned out the valve had pulled out of the tube.
  2. qscgyjl

    Yamaha 2-Trac

    Could be an added bonus in heavy London traffic for climbing the rear of Black Cabs!
  3. qscgyjl

    TTR600 what do you know?

    DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS!!!! I'm led to believe that Yamaha had to stop selling the Jap made XT in Europe for emission and noise reasons. If the bikes were made in Europe they were able to circumnavigate EU law as they are built at the Belgarda plant in Italy, I.E. homegrown product. Then they bring out the 660 water cooled engine, so has the TT600R & derivatives been a stop-gap? It is an old design, albeit a good one (BSA,Norton etc!! ) traced back to the original XT500 afterall, and why have a competition spec TT and a WR side by side in the catalogue? Surely there is no comparison between the two unless one's meant for hauling old fat bastards round a muddy field and the other's meant for racing round it? I have a TT and guess which category I fall into? I fell off in the back garden! Perhaps there was a need for the tooling to be "cost effective" and they saw a niche in the market so carried on until the new stuff was developed. Any ideas?
  4. qscgyjl

    Doesnt anyone else have a TT-R 600 ?

    I have a '98 TT600R & managed to find W/S manuals via download for the RE model in English and and the R model in German, also a parts Microfische For the R in English. I have found some Dutch downloads too, including a handbook, just means picking out what you need to know. Email me if you want them. As for the bike, a good one would be a lot of fun, mine is getting there slowly as I fix the bits the previous owners have neglected or bodged up! As for the build quality, more than 2 Microns of paint on the frame & cycle parts would have been nice! There again, to be fair mine is around 7 years old and had a lot of owners who thought maintenance was a wash & polish and change the oil. There are no spares for the master cylinder, all I want is the outer dust seal and it would mean a new assembly Brembo! ..........With near new 18" & 21" Bridgestone road tyres on it, I can see the appeal of the Supermoto's, great fun powering out of corners with the soft suspension
  5. qscgyjl

    TT600re service manual Availability?

    Acerbis do a 20 litre tank, sometimes come up on Ebay & the usual s/h outlets. The 10 litre tank is a bit of a pain for regular road use, I keep 20 litres in a can at home and top up when I lube the chain to save lots of stops at the petrol station.
  6. qscgyjl

    TT600R Wheelies?

    I have fitted a 50t rear sprocket (15t/50t) and it comes up quite happily in second now without dipping the clutch. That is with a 130/80 bridgestone road tyre. It also feels better on the road, less clanking about from the chain area and doesn't seem overgeared like it used to. I went up the Ace Cafe last Friday with our weeny 9 year old kid on the back and it pulled like a train with both of us, and I'm 17.5 stone. I have also just fitted some Pirelli Enduro tyres, but not as yet ridden it, I think the rolling diameter is bigger so it may need a 14t front for off road use. I'll let you know how it goes.
  7. qscgyjl

    TT600R Wheelies?

    Does it have 15/44 gearing? Mine's the same, although my mate was chasing me up to Box Hill the other Sunday at 95mph on his ZRX1100 and it still had a bit more to go if I'd laid behind the Renthal bar pad! I'll let you know what it's like with 15/50 gearing when the new chain arrives. Mike
  8. qscgyjl

    tt600r help needed

    Hi there, Had similar problems with my '98 TT600R (Belgarda) and it turned out to be the CDI unit after a lot of work. I bought it as a non runner but managed to get it started in front of the seller. Previously owned by a series of mechanically inept Numpty's (I think that's Redneck in the States!) I found loads of wire twists etc that needed fixing amongst other worn out & bent parts. I fixed the worse, started using it daily and it started stopping regularly, but never near a Pub! Classic black box fault, let it cool & it starts & runs, but of course you never believe it's that expensive electronic item, it must be something simple. What's more simple than a 600 single? The ignition system when Yamaha do it! I removed EVERY electrical item, cleaned and checked each part AND disassembled the loom. I found plenty of places where the loom was rubbed through and repaired quite a a large portion of it, even a burnt bit by the exhaust. I don't know if it is just me, the build quality on this bike is not up to other Yam's I've had, is it the Italians or the Financial Engineers that did it? It seem thrown together without much thought. The side-stand switch was missing and looped out so I removed all traces of it ever being there from the loom as it's part of the ignition circuit. I even stripped the kill switch and relaced the wiring to "be sure". I stripped the carb, steam cleaned the tank & checked the fuel tap trying to cure the other annoying fault which if you rode it, would swear to be carburation. Everything was repaired and I was happy, so off I went for a ride only to get the usual 5 or so miles before it stopped. The "carburation" fault was still there too. I tried a different coil, it felt better and went further, (psychological hope!) but not much before dying. The only option I could see was to replace the crank pickup, and/or the CDI unit, there's bugger all to the ignition circuit anyway, so if you replace all of it the fault must go away! The crank pickup was the cheapest option until I found out the 2 wires from it go through the loom with the generator, so you have to replace the whole generator. "Tosser's" I thought. (That's Monkey Spankers Stateside.) I spoke to Dave Lambeth, VERY helpful, he sold me a new CDI unit and a used crank pick-up. (If you want his details let me know as I'm not allowed to advertise on here! Try Google.....) I fitted the CDI unit and it started easily and the carburation fault disappeared too. I didn't replace the crank pick-up. I did find that as my bike is a TT600R and has no battery, any +12v short to earth kills the bike stone dead as it simply removes all power from the ignition system. This probably does the electronics in the CDI no good either and spikes it big time. Does your bike have a carburation fault on full throttle, especially when you roll off it coughs big time? Regards, Mike