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    Hey ya'll, Need to give a shout out to Flatland Racing!!!! After 2 yrs of riding my DRZ i finally twisted up my rad... Searched the threads and found that flatland and unibiker seemed to be the flavors of choice.. I went with the FLATS,, got the gaurds shipped super fast , has great finish all edges trimmed and very sturdy, then didn't quite like the bracing on the back of the gaurds. I called flatland and the owner Mike Shown called me back himself.. We discussed the brace and what would make a better rigid brace for the whole unit,, he was more than willing to listen and let me tell you, he is hooking me up with a brand new design for the DRZ's,, I can not wait to get them... Bottom line: THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Very nice guy to talk to and is willing to do anything for you.. THANKS MIKE ( www.flatlandracing.com ) Doug. G
  2. DangerousD

    Rights Of Spring

    So all this should be a lot smoother than normal?? Does that mean that it will be groomed before the ride. Last year at Whiskey it was whooped like crazy!!! A couple of us went to the "BEAN" Ride at Tomahawk last year and that was well groomed just prior to the ride and it was an AWSOME ride.. Hope its that way this year for RIGHTS... Trail sound familiar to the MIO loop sand, rock, dirt, how about hills?
  3. DangerousD

    Rights Of Spring

    Thanks 2TrakR for all the info. I have a few guys that are coming from FLA so i can give them the heads up.. Thanks All
  4. DangerousD

    Rights Of Spring

    This might be a little to early,, naaaaaa it ain't!! Anyone hear if Rights of Spring is going to be in Whiskey Creek or at Atlanta this year? Any plans,rumors, truths? I saw that TrailRider has all the dates laid out but no details. I AM SOOO READY to get this year goin! Thanks YA'll
  5. DangerousD

    cycle conservation club

    Just joined this year at "Rites of Spring" and also did the tomahawk ride this year! Its a good thing all around... keeps the sport up, trails good, training new riders to be responsible riders, more trails opening.......................... boy you could keep up on going with the stuff.. maps.... gps is coming soon for the rides and i think gps on all the maps at the ccc web page, which is another thing you get... DO IT
  6. DangerousD

    riding in michigan

    Hey y'all... New to site.. just registered, but have been dippin into the forums for awhile... awsome site!!!!!!!!!!!! great stuff here!!!!! As for the riding in Michigan.. I have only been lower Pen... Tomahawk trail is so far the best ride I have done.. during the CCC ride.. IMO One of the must hits..