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  1. Yamaha

    Yes, they are machining marks. Make sure you cam chian tensioner is working right by removing it. Some of the coil springs have broken on 05 and 06s. Make sure your cam chain guides are tip top. Stumpy
  2. Yamaha

    06 needles are same as 04-05, just no clip slots. Use calipers to re check me. There's more options than just the stock YZ needle also. Stumpy
  3. Yamaha

    Cracked head will give you more feed back than just poor running. Check clutch plates and springs. Stumpy
  4. Give team green all their money back and Bubba should sign with Larry Brooks on Team ORANGE. Now that would be a sight!! Stumpy
  5. Yamaha

    According to co worker who has an 06, the retard has already been done and the cam alignment dots on the cam gears has been moved. It will look like the stock 04-05, but the cam timing has been retarded. Same grind, same lift and duration, just alignment dots have been re-done on exhaust. SO, DONT RETARD IT ANYMORE!!!!! Stumpy
  6. Yamaha

    The trochoid type pump on almost all of Yammys engines provides more than enough oil. The seizure was probably had nothing to do with oil psi. I run a 523 and run the stock pump. My engine has over 100 hours on it. Get good OIL! I sell AMSOIL at the races I go to and have gotten about half of all the riders switched over to AMSOIL. Get the top end fixed and get some Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle 20W-50. It's the best insurance and you can go to 12 hours of run time between oil drains. Need more info?, message me OK? Stumpy
  7. Yamaha

    6 ply weighs more, but in no way slows down a YFZ enough for you to notice. I XC race on Maxxis RazR 6 ply rear and 4 ply front. I get them from Rocky MTn. Even at dealer cost, it is a better deal than I can get. Stumpy
  8. I had a get off similar, except I didn't get off (see avatar), and I was on a bike! What freaking difference does it make in that clip to have quads and bikes on at different times? You are truly a MORON!!! Stumpy
  9. Yamaha

    You'd have to do some side to side comparison of the 04-05 cams against the 06 cams. I can look up the parts and tell you if they are the same, but it will take a day or so for me to find the timing on the 06. Saturdays are heavy days for me. Stumpy
  10. How about a US model? Stumpy
  11. Yamaha

    Since the oil psi on a YZ450 motor peaks at 22 psi, the long oil lines will most definitely impact the amount of oil that is delivered to the motor. The trochoid type pump is not a mass volume pusher but rather a high pressure pump. While it provides adequate pressure near the engine, the movement of oil to the engine is something the pump just can't move very well, thus the closeness of the oil tank. Since the YZ/WR/YFZ 450 pump consists of two rotors (one to pump to the piston, head, and oil filter and the other to send oil back to the tank) The rotor pumping back to the tank would be overworked trying to push all that oil and would slow the motor enough that it would cause a loss in power. That's again why shorter distances are better. Stumpy
  12. Yamaha

    Has he had the cylinder off since the top end rebuild? I get customers who don't pay attention to the break in procedures and the rings don't get the chance to run in properly and most of the times, the ring (or rings) fails and causes blow-by, running the mixture very very lean. This type of heat will kill a motor. Who did the top end repair and why was it needed? Stumpy PS-our dealership works on all BRP products too, and the Pred is not a bad machine at all. One customer had a 644cc Predator!
  13. Yamaha

    I've tried it as well, but could not feel a difference. Stumpy
  14. Yamaha

    Got it this morning again. Have you picked up the quad yet? Will be in training all day, I'll have to check again when I get home tonite. Stumpy
  15. Yamaha

    TPS disconnecting prevents the ignition timing advance automatically. The advance occurs at 2700 rpm and lasts to 8750 rpm. Timing advances from 4 deg to 42 deg, depending on what CDI you have in your YFZ, stock or aftermarket. So by not using the TPS as designed, you prevent the engine from advancing ignition timing and decrease power output. As rpms increase, so does the speed in which the piston goes up and down. What you do to your motor is CAUSE late firing of the plug as rpms increase, and also the later firing is as rpms increase. You can have the plug fire when the intake is open, causing blowback. Blowback causes extreme heat and can errode the top of the piston and scald the intake valves, eventually causing small metal fragments to break away and cause damage to other areas or fatal damage to the motor. Lots of people do it, but now that you know what CAN happen, you decide. Stumpy