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  1. i rebulted my 2005 crf 250 with stock intake vavles and springs and new wisco piston and i drop the chain and got it back up but the flywheel moved in the prosess but when i lined it up it was lined up at the bottom hole and then lined the cam up....i tryed to start it and it wont not sparking right, what me and my dad thought that it is off 1 i right? im goin to try a new spark plug tomorrow and see how it works thanks; petey
  2. i stripet the cam holder and my dealer said that i cant buy a new one, so i was wonder if u can buy an aftermart cam with cam holders?
  3. thanks
  4. i just bought a wisco piston for my 05 and dose the arrow face the exhaust or intake? and the rings? how are they suppose to be lined up?
  5. me to
  6. RHC u have a PM
  7. you read my mind
  8. go pc or fmf
  9. RHC, you got a PM
  10. well thats really good to you have any complete 06 or 07 heads?
  11. you would have no top end
  12. Rhc

    so you should have the heads and vavles ready for next week?
  13. i did that once with my rc and my mom killed me
  14. Rhc

    no kiddin
  15. Rhc

    do you have any 07 fully assembled heads????