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  1. scott54

    airfilter question

    I use No Toil now. Best switch I ever made. Washing filters used to be a big process for me. Now I do it in the kitchen sink, no sovent to dispose of and no stinky garage. Try it you'll like it.
  2. scott54

    Whats wrong? hard to kick

    Talked to the mechanic today. He found a bent valve. Apparentley I've been hitting the rev limiter too much.
  3. scott54

    Better to overjump than come up short?

    Did you actually think anyone would suggest that you underjump it? Always error on the side of over jumping. However overjumping is not always pleasant. I finally did a triple last year that I had spent 4 years doubling. It's 3rd gear full throttle or fourth with slightly less throttle. The first time I overjumped it by at least 20 feet and it hurt. I had to go sit down while my ankles and wrists recovered. Next time around I hit it perfect. Had I backed off for fear of overjumping I would have had to take 6 to 8 weeks to recover. I'll take the temporary over certain long term pain anyday. Another thing is to realize that there is usually a big difference in speed between doubling and tripling. More so than it would seem when just doubling. I've learned that the hard way too.
  4. scott54

    Whats wrong? hard to kick

    Ya thanks, I took it straight to my mechanic and will wait to hear the verdict. It happened quite suddenly. Do valves tighten rapidly or gradually?
  5. scott54

    Whats wrong? hard to kick

    Today my bike stalled a few times and upon restarting I noticed that it took more muscle to kick it over. It did start, but later it stalled again, and wouldn't re-start. There is considerabley more compression when kicking. Is it seizing? could it be the auto-decompression?
  6. scott54

    Stupid Gearing Question

    Thanks for th replies. I have actually added a tooth to the rear as you guys are suggesting. It seems to me that there is still some wasted top end speed by haveing a useless 1st gear. Has anybody here tried going to something that would make 1st gear the preferred gear for staring, 2nd for cornering etc.
  7. scott54

    Stupid Gearing Question

    I got to thinking about gearing and how I never use 1st gear. Does anyone out there gear taller to the point where 1st is equivalent to 2nd and so on. Or would this throw off the spacing between gears too much?
  8. scott54

    Arm Pump Solved

    Thought that would get your attention. For me the only way to solve the dreaded arm pump is to ride, ride, ride. Every year I come into the season with great cardio (I used to race mountain and road bikes so I know when I have good cardio), lots of time in the gym doing mutli-joint movement etc etc. and still I get arm pump. Yesterday I rode a solid two hours on a wooped out sand track and no pump. This came after about a month of riding only three times a week and staying out there and riding through it. I can't tell you what a great feeling itis going into the race season.
  9. scott54

    Stand for somthing. David Bailey.

    Thanks for the reply. I agree that it's just momentum right now, but it seems to me that the momentum is coming from people with interest in the motorcycle industry such as members of this forum, motonews etc.. I would think that once investors in general see that this is a company with a real product, with real demand etc. it has to gain even more momentum. At least that what my foggy crystal ball is telling me. I wonder what percentage of those 113 million shares is controlled by the few in charge? Thats the only thing that makes me nervous.
  10. scott54

    Stand for somthing. David Bailey.

    Where could one find out how many braces they anticipate selling this year or expected revenue. I bought the stock yesterday for $.15 (today it's $.40) I'm interested in finding out what this company could be worth in the next year or so. Any opinions?
  11. scott54

    Stand for somthing. David Bailey.

    What made you post that the IPO was last week? You weren't even close but were using this false info to try to make a serious accusation. Someone needs to boot you from this board.
  12. I just bought Brady Sheren's 07 CRF 250 which has the full treatment from Factory Connection such as works internals, coatings etc. etc. I have a question about the shock , more specifically the shock reservoir. I know the shock shaft is larger in diameter than stock but the reservoir doesn't seem stock either. It is a little longer and shaped differently at the bottom(not due to the works bladder cap). Can anyone tell me what I have? Is this the B Kit Shock? Thanks
  13. scott54

    Quiet Insert Dyno Testing

    Was your insert the external or internal? I just ordered the internal for my Pro Circuit ti4 and am trusting that becasue the end cap goes back on that I won't have that problem.
  14. scott54

    Gary!! Riding and video?

    How about approaching the jump with less speed:bonk: I'm not trying to be a smart ass but the cause of overjumping is mainly too much speed. Not surprisingly, the cause of coming up short is usually not enough speed.