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  1. njdrz400

    My DRZ 400S at the Sandblast Rally - need more HP

    Here's a few quick pictures of the mount. It's version 1.0 and will be updated before the next rally. The top of mount connects to the bark buster posts and the bottom connects to the stock headlight mount. The stock headlight is mounted about 1.5 inches forward of the stock position. The switches on the left and right are for the HIDs and the center switch is for turning off the headlight. The HIDs drown out the headlight, so I turn it off just to be conservative with the power draw. Side views front views
  2. njdrz400

    My DRZ 400S at the Sandblast Rally - need more HP

    Thanks. Its fun beating the KTMs and BMWs on a lowly DRZ! These rally’s finish at night, so you need to have bright lights! Last year at the Black River Stages Rally in NY, I didn't have enough light for the night stages and almost killed myself. The lights are 4" Fuego's from Baja Designs. One light is a spot light and the other is a driving light. I converted them to HIDs and had a bracket built the hold the ballasts behind the headlight. They draw about 35 watts a piece but are equivalent to 150 watts in halogen lights. They are on separate switches because when you “strike” them, they draw 10 amps for a few seconds before they drop down to 3 amps. I’ll post pictures later tonight. I highly recommend visiting the Sandblast Rally website at: www.sandblastrally.com . The spectators and media are starting to post pictures of the riders and drivers that competed on Saturday.
  3. I raced the Sandblast Rally in Cheraw, SC this weekend on my DRZ400S and finished 7th overall and 2nd in my class (SP2). Overall, I’m happy with the bike but I need to get more top end speed. At WOT, the motor was struggling in the deep sand on the long straight-aways and topped off at 80 mph. Unfortunately, the KTM 950s were passing me at about 100 to 110 mph on the same straight-aways:banghead: . 80 mph seems slow to me for this bike, but overall the bike was making good power from low to midrange RPMs. I have installed a FCR 39 and FMF Q2 exhaust w/ h-flo header. I’ve done the 3X3 mod and I’m running a 155 main jet. Also, the gearing is 15/44. Would a big bore kit and cams get this bike to 100 mph or should it already be there with the current setup?
  4. njdrz400

    Enduro or hare scrambles?

    I've been racing my DRZ400S in the NJ enduro's for the past 3 years. I usually finish in the top 5 (in my class) with it. Too make it more competitive, I've changed to the FCR carb, the E-model gearing, and of course the tires. I find that the limiting factor to my success is typically my endurance. The better shape I'm in - the better I do. I would also recommend going to ECEA website and join a local club if you haven't already. Their website is www.ecea.org . My club's website is http://www.pinebarons.org/ . Its a great club plus we just started doing adventure rides for dual sports. Our next one is in October. Its 500 miles (typically 90% dirt) of sand roads in the Pine Barrens. Scott www.njohva.org
  5. njdrz400

    Any New Jersey DRZ's riding this weekend?

    Yes. I did last year's event on a mostly stock DRZ400S and finished 5th in the "C" vet class. It was hard - but fun . I'm hoping to do better this year with stiffer suspension and the FCR... Scott