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    motor bogging after warm up

    I hope I'm in the right place I have a 1986 yamaha virago xv700 with 15,640 miles on it one day last summer it started bogging down after I had ridin it for a while I had to ride at least 10 or 15 milesor it would not do it but it would not bog at all no matter how far I went untill I shut it off for about 20 mintues or more Then it would start fine but as soon as I let out the clutch in first gear it would bog down if I pulled in the clutch it would go right back to normal let it out again and it would bog I would have to keep the throttel open while bogging and all of a sudden it would take off almost dumping me off the back it does the same thing thrue every gear in 5th gear after it got done bogging it would be fine after a mile or so it I could stop at lights with no problem as long as I didn't shut it off. and then the last time I rode it it did the useual except in 5th it would not go faster than 55mph I didn't want to stop on highway so tried to get to the next exit but it started to slow downthe farther I went so as I started to pull over I pulled in the clutch and the motor died I checked the plugs right there and they looked fine it would only start if I put on full choke if I put it in gear and tried to let out the clutch it would die even in neutral if I gave it throttel it would die so I towed it home about 3 days latter it started right up and rode fine but I didn't go to far as I didn't have a way to tow it home if it died again but I'm sure that it would bog down again if I gave it the chance as described in the start of this post.If you have any Ideas I would be forever greatfull. also I don't know to much about motors I'm just hoping I wont have to take it to the shop. Thank You. David
  2. Guys thank you all very much sorry it took so long to reply as I have had some personal problems ill try the suggestions thanks aqain
  3. Guys thank you all very much sorry it took so long to reply as I have had some personal problems ill try the suggestions thanks aqain
  4. it's 3 months old my 4 year old nephew kicked it across the gravel driveway and its scratched up i have a fixed income due to disability so repainting is the only way to go unless it's just way to unsafe thanks also is this forum just for dirt bikes thats all I seem to see not that there is anything wrong with it
  5. what other steps are involved other than the type of paintsuch as sanding off all color or just ruff it up you know step by step I'm verry new to the bike world.
  6. Just want to paint it to match my bike and what makes you think i'll crash
  7. I would really like to repaint my helmet as I can little afford to buy a new one on a fixed income I have a raider brand helmet it's gloss black I'd like it to match my my bike witch is metallic maroon. Please help if anyone can I will be forever grateful.