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  1. Numkut

    Made it to Sunday (Part 2/3)

    Sweet video man. A few tips just from watching your vid.. If you stand more you'll have more control I noticed you sit down most of the time, and also grip that bike with your legs!! Looks really good though and spot looks dope!
  2. I would say yes I've gotten butterflies everytime I've lined up!
  3. Numkut

    Keeping my Elbows up!

    Regripping is def what is going to help you! Honestly I am bad about it and it feels really weird! Still working on it.
  4. Numkut

    Pax track FL practice

    Yeah when I've raced there that is usually the line that I take.. Later in the vid when I'm riding with my bud I get on it more and start taking that line! Track is awesome one of my favorites for sure!
  5. Numkut

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Local place here in central FL some of the finest if I might say so myself!
  6. Skip to 3:50 to see me riding with buddy.. Let me know what you think and what I should work on!!
  7. Good vid son rips that track! Better than me for sure, do you guys ever race the local races there?
  8. Numkut

    Help me improve my skills please

    Looks like your doing ok I would focus on charging harder into corners and down straights/coming into jumps. Also like kx910 said your bars looks really funky like your riding freestyle or something lol I think you need to get a different bend if you need them higher but don't point them to the sky that must feel weird.
  9. Numkut

    Battling at Pea Ridge!

    I've never done a scramble but that looks wicked fun!
  10. Practice! Its just one of those things your going to have to commit to your muscle memory bank! I feel like when I do it I'm almost doing it at the exact same time (clutch and brake). The twostroke are so much more forgiving though! I have had some serious close calls on my fourstroke, flying through the air with a stalled engine will make anyones butt clentch up haha.. I would continue to work on it though because there will be situations where you'll really need to stomp that brake and your engine will obviously stall.
  11. Numkut

    Charging into Jumps ?

    I'd agree with Tye but you should be able to jump with the throttle all the way off. I do it all the time on a 450F its just about your body position and weight distribution off the jump face. It just takes a while to get the confidence you can be going so much faster though if your just coasting through whole straights.. I would just work on coming at the jump faster and letting off your not going to be blipping the throttle at all off the jump because you would just launch, think of the jump face as something to slow you down so you don't overjump.
  12. Numkut

    Should I get 2001 CR250?

    Hey thanks for all of the good info! That's kind of weird I've never ran a 20" front tire might be something to try but I am 90% sure this one has a 21 incher on it currently. I am really excited about this bike I feel like I'm getting it at a really good price. The handling and suspension were my biggest worries but I am sure I can get something figured out.. If nothing else will be an awesome project bike to ride! Here are a few pics of the bike as is.
  13. Numkut

    Should I get 2001 CR250?

    I had a 2006 bought it new from the factory. It had to have been a lemon I had to completely rebuild the top and bottom end a few times not to mention having to send the cylinder off and once buying a whole new jug. I worked with my mechanic (very reputable guy) and we never could quite figure out what the deal was...
  14. Numkut

    How much time

    I think its how much you ride and how you are practicing that is going to decide... I get nervous whenever I go for a bigger jump for the first time. There is always going to be that fear of the unknown! My friend that recently got into riding has been at it for about a year and a half and he is just now getting the bigger jumps down.. Its not something that happens overnight!