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  1. monkeyshine

    Just purchased a 2006 DRZ-400s!!!!

    Congrat's. I've had mine for about 3 months now and love it. Great on the road and off. If you expect to ride a lot in the dirt get rid of the stock tires, they'll surprise you when your least expecting. I put on dunlop 606's and like them alot. Enjoy!
  2. monkeyshine

    what tires do you run? how do you like them?

    Dunlop 606's front and rear. Run great on road and dirt. Great prices on line too.
  3. monkeyshine

    picture of new excels

    Sweet Machine, How's that pipe run. I'm looking for some more power from my DRZ. All my buddy's with their two strokes run right past me on the track.