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  1. suzukimoto163

    Shift lever won't come off

    stick a flat head screw driver in the crack and pry it open a little. Shouldnt be to hard after that.
  2. suzukimoto163

    Cracked crankcase, is there an easy fix?

    cases are cheaper than you think for just the case! and if you have some mechanical knowledge you can split the cases easy. I timed the last time i split my cases starting when i had the motor on my bench...1 hour and 15 mins and i had the cases split. Use the factory manual and get a steering wheel puller and 3 long bolts that will thread into the cases to split them. You also need a flywheel puller and a impact wrench, either electric or air works fine. Ask any questions on here and post pics with your questions and you will find help right away.
  3. suzukimoto163

    getting stuck in gear

    Maybe hes not so gay after all. First off, you should never be in first anyway in a corner. Do your sharp cornering in second gear not first and your problem is solved. As far as your bike getting locked in gear? I think you just need to practice finding neutral.
  4. suzukimoto163

    getting stuck in gear

    I wouldnt think so unless maybe it was way too tight. When you hit the false nuatrals were you in gear and on the gas or were you in a corner and accidentally hitting nuetral?
  5. suzukimoto163

    getting stuck in gear

    Thats just retarted and a total waist of brain space to read. I am now questioning your sexuality. I had the same problems with my 05 rmz. I replaced the rt and lt shift fork and all the gears and dogs on the output shaft. The dog that shifts between 2nd and 3rd started to wear. I could have gotten away with only replacing that but i wanted to play it safe and replace everything on the output shaft. Ive heard stories about guys who only replaced the dogs that were worn out only to have to rip the motor apart in a month to replace the rest. Pm me if you have anymore questions, i just did mine like 3 weeks ago and shes perfect now. Later
  6. suzukimoto163

    New Transworld Vids of Bubba!

    Agreed! You have to remember this kid isnt even old enough to drink and he has had a full time job since he was 16 so he is earning what he gets. Anyone of your kids or even you at age 20 in the same situation would do the same thing. think of all the kids you see driving around in there gay riced out cars like there big pimpin. Its the same thing but on different levels prooving that kids will be kids. No respect lost here, maybe if he's thirty and still doing stuff like that then i will loose respect but until then i will accept that fact that he is just young!
  7. suzukimoto163

    How tall were you?

    Bubba is only like 5'6" tall and he does ok for himself! RC is only a few inches taller than you too. To be honest, the shorter you are the better.
  8. suzukimoto163

    What valves to get?

    ordered the oem complete valve rebuild kit. I took my valves apart and all four of them were cupping and in need of replacing/seating. Im just wondering what the shop is going to charge me for seating?
  9. suzukimoto163

    What valves to get?

    What kind a price should i expect from the shop to cut the seats for my valves?
  10. suzukimoto163

    Lost bolts list

    Tightening up bolts should be in your routine of bike maintenance. Make sure you check your spokes too, they always seem to loosen up.
  11. suzukimoto163

    What valves to get?

    Thanks alot for the reply! I looking more for reliability rather than performance right now so i wouldnt bother me to replace with oem parts as long as they keep me out on the track.
  12. My brother has a 03 yz 125 and if the bike is not totally level gas will run out of the hose coming from the carb. He has had some bogging issues as well, could this gas running out be related to the bogging? The float needle didnt look like it was worn or anything, could it just not be seating right? What parts should need replacing? Thanks!
  13. suzukimoto163

    footprints identification (burgling)

    My wife is a manager at a shoe store and the local police bring her pictures of shoe prints like once a month for her to look at. She knows about every shoe print sold in america, i will ask her. You should definately get the police involved, the likely hood of them stealing again is pretty good which only increases there chances of getting caught. I cannot stand theives...we work so hard for everything we have and there are people out there that have no respect. This is why i keep enough fire power under my bed to supply a third world country. i just pray to hear someone walking in my garage at night becuase i would love to turn the bastard into swiss cheese! And your english by the way is damn good!
  14. suzukimoto163

    What valves to get?

    I am having problems with my left intake valve on my 05 rmz250, i have no clearance and i think the valve is cupping so i have decided that i am going to get a new valve kit. im not sure about what parts should be replaced and what parts should be reused? I am looking for reliability and a fair price. Also would you recomend that i get the seats done as well? I race motocross about once a month and i practice about 6 hours a week, would you recomend the kibblewhite kit or is there another brand that is good? Thanks!