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  1. I'm thinking value, and mebbe Al and Sally's motel fits the bill. Kind of a retro place, $65/night.
  2. porterdog

    Michigan Best value motel in Mio?

    Headed up for test and tune on Sunday and my normal base of operations isn't available. Been going there for over 20 years and haven't EVER paid to stay the night, so I have no idea what's good and what su... er- isn't good. Any suggestions? No RV, don't want to tent. TIA!
  3. Any idea where the riders are staying? Any recs?
  4. Can't wait to see pics of you in period-correct purple and neon riding gear
  5. porterdog

    Why such a difference between Race Tech and FC

    Check your gear weight. My boots weigh nearly 17lb alone. Tools, helmet, pressuresuit, water......
  6. porterdog

    How this is possible?

    One more thing- I just shipped some parts to Australia from the US and was astounded to discover that the cheapest way to ship was still $50 (for a top clamp and damper tower). "W T H?!" said I to myself. Further research determined that the old cheap international standby, 'Surface Method', is no longer available from any of the normal shippers (UPS, USPS, FedEx). It's all gotta go by air, and that isn't cheap.
  7. porterdog

    Help troubles with handling!!!!!!! :)

    Explain this please- it sounds totally wrong. Your static sag (difference between the full droop measurement and the measurement with the bike on its wheels) should be ~35mm. Your rider sag (diff betw full droop and the measurement with you on the bike, geared up) should be ~120mm.
  8. porterdog

    Rear Turn Signal Mounting Bracket ?

    It would help to know which bike you're trying to put signals on...
  9. porterdog

    The Best Dirt Bike For You And Me

    Two strokes rule.
  10. porterdog

    2 stroke premix w/ StaBil

    Every year.
  11. porterdog

    Cheap silencer repack

    McMaster-Carr high temp fiberglas. Part Number 9356K12. $20 a sheet, enough to do ~10 silencers.
  12. porterdog

    Lifetime Sprocket?

    If it's Sidewinder, make sure you do a good survey to evaluate their (non-existent) customer service/satisfaction. Searching for reviews on their chain might do it.
  13. porterdog

    Trail tech vapor instalation observations

    Yah, they'll do that. No issues with the sensors. I put the speedo pickup on the caliper mounting bracket.
  14. porterdog

    suspension done by ktmworld?

    There are a couple long reviews at KTMTalk