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    Vote for RC

    + another one
  2. jackster151

    how to cross breed between DRZ and KTM

    wat's the dimension ( width ) of the spacer on both the sides? I have a set of ktm wheel wit 20mm axle off an 01sx that i can use on my Z. but will need to get that spacer made tho....
  3. jackster151

    Broken Master Cyllinder

    wow... dat was some fast reply. Now I gotta go and check the bore markings.
  4. jackster151

    Broken Master Cyllinder

    I'm a noob at this and have some questions for DRZ riders. Have searched around TT but did not get some confirmation answers. Just got my DRZ400E a coupla weeks ago and as fate would have it, i crashed it on a newbie trail up in the north woods and broke my stock front brake master cylinder and the lever as well. My question is which other M/C of which bike can I use to fit on my E. I'm already popped out just getting the bike trail ready and would wanna use minimal moolah to get a replacement. There's a bloke selling an 2005 RMZ M/C and I was wondering whether it could fit nicely on the zook. ANy help would be appreciated.