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  1. so no go on that, I was just hoping to get away with the cheaper crank from wiseco
  2. Looking to do a bottom end rebuild on my 06 YZ250F. Can buy a wiseco crank rebuild kit for $100 less thats for a WR. From what I understood the motors were identical on the bottom end. If anyone has any info on that, I'd love to hear heres the link for the crank:|Model%3AWR250F&epid=171278630&hash=item3617ab4c38:g:aHEAAOSwax5Yoq9x&vxp=mtr
  3. ok big head scratcher here. rebuilt me wr400, new piston and rings, new gaskets and everything. this is where things go sideways. bike won't run at all but will burp n fart. took the head pipe off and there was coolant in it, enough that you could pour it out. thought it was the head gasket, but i triple checked the torque on the bolts and they were 35 pounds. once I checked the oil from it looks to have coolant in it as well. the bike will start with no coolant in it, I just tried it to make sure I wasn't crazy and that the bike was still good, never ran it for more then 30 seconds with no coolant. is there a chance I have a bad head gasket new? or do I have a crack somewhere in the head or the cylinder causing the issue. if anyone has had this happen let me know and lets see if there is a fix for this
  4. Looking to replace my wr400 cam chain. Should I put a stock wr400 chain back in or did they get better in the 450's? I have an 03 yz450 exhaust cam in it for easier starting. If anyone has any experience putting a different or stock chain in I would appreciate it. Just hoping to make the bike more bulletproof
  5. OK so got the spark arrestor on it, 45 Pilot, 170 Main, and the bike runs a lot better. Zero flames and the head pipe doesn't turn red at all which is a major improvement. Bike still has a few pops on decelleration, and has a minor, minor lag when just cruising and grabbing some more throttle. Should I be jetting richer on the main or the pilot? It seems like I'm right there I just need one more minor adjustment. Could I get it out of my Air/Fuel screw? I'm at 1.5 out, should I turn it in causing a richer mixture?
  6. Also I'm below 1000 feet above sea level so at the minimum I'm going to re jet and see where that gets me along with the spark arrestor
  7. I know the hot start has an oring in it so I will replace it, but the choke doesn't have one does it? Do you have any ideas to get it to better seal? I just purchased a spark arrestor for the exhaust, so hopefully that along with cleaning up the hot start and choke should do the trick Would you do the jetting as well Krannie?
  8. fuel screw is at 1.5 turns out, stock, with all new spring and orings carb boots are air tight with no cracks header gasket is good only thing I haven't went through is choke and hot start washers Jetting is as followed: Main 162, Pilot 42, Starter 72 and Air 100 AP cover is 2 turns out should I replace the orings before I go about the larger jets?
  9. Thanks I'm still looking for a spark arrestor but I'm going to buy those jets and see if that helps
  10. And you have a stock exhaust? I'm going to try that jetting I think. I did not do the grey wire, I'm going to do some research and do it tho. Have you?
  11. Yeah I did get it figured, it was my AP cover, it was off of the previous WR carb, and with it being too shallow the diaphragm hit the bottom and wouldn't allow for the full squirt from the AP. that's when I got an old quick shot I had laying around, put it on, and near perfect throttle response. for timing I'm set up with bike at TDC, exhaust cam and intake cam 13 chain pins apart on top marks, and the 3 o'clock on the intake and 9 o'clock on the exhaust on the top of the cylinder head edge. Not sure if that's YZ or WR timing to be exact but it's great power off the bottom and pulls all the way through. As for jetting right now, my main is a 162, pilot a 42. Not sure about elevation to be honest but I could look it up. From what I've read the heavy backfiring and flames is a sign of lean correct? That and the cherry head pipe?
  12. OK just getting my off road bike done and getting into some serious jetting problems Heres the run down of the mods: 03 YZ450 carb with stock jetting Boyesen quick shot 3 AP cover 03 YZ450 exhaust cam YZ400 full Pro Circuit GP exhaust system The PC exhaust is quiet a bit larger in diameter then the stocker, head pipe and muffler. One big issue is I don't have a spark arrestor. So theres lots of power, the only problem I'm having is that I get serious popping and flames out the muffler once I'm off the throttle. Also when the bike is idling while parked the head pipe will glow cherry red till I take it down the road to cool it off. Im wondering if I should be looking at jetting for the carb or looking at getting a spark arrestor to get some back pressure and get rid of the flames. I'm up to try just about anything, Ive been messing with the air/fuel screw, which I'm sitting at 1 1/2 turns out right now, and with the AP cover at 2 turns out which I'm told acts like a jet in the bowl which this carb didn't come with. Any input helps and I just hope to get this fixed and calmed down so I can ride it off road. The things louder then my 450 and theres no way I would be let on a trail any time soon. Thanks
  13. would the timing chain stretch enough that the timing is wrong? it really seems my timings off, I'm just looking to you guys to see if I should change the timing one tooth one way or the other
  14. Ive done the digging i think, but I've got everything from 14 pins between top marks on the cams to 12 pins. biggest thing i have right now is that when I'm at TDC perfect on the flywheel… the exhaust cam doesn't line up good either one tooth advanced(counter clockwise… I think for advanced) or retarded(one tooth clockwise.. I think for retarded) Anybody have this issue? I'm debating just trying different timing setups till I find one that works well And much agreed on the lobes being pointed out, Ive got lots of different layouts saying that, just hoping for some input