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  1. Definitely would take one off of the good head, I just was wondering if this was a common issue and if that meant the head would be junk because of it
  2. If tried searching all over, only seen one other case, with no answers
  3. Any help or info would save me people, thanks
  4. Hey was looking at buying a newer head for cheap online and once I got pics it looked funny. Once I looked real close I noticed the coolant fitting for the hose that goes into the head is completely gone. I looked at the parts fiche and it doesn't even show this part. Has anyone seen this or had this happen? If so can it be fixed or is it scrap? Thanks
  5. Hey guys so my 13 yz250f had the bottom rod bearing let go and destroyed everything in its path, from the crank, cases, transmission, piston, and cylinder. Only thing that was untouched was the cylinder head and valves. Was looking at getting a donor bottom end off of eBay as I have a spare piston kit and cylinder. My question is I know the motors were fairly unchanged from 03-13 save for a few things, so what year bottom ends will just bolt up and be ready to go and fit? Ive priced new parts from Yamaha and cringed so any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance guys
  6. By head stays are you meaning the top Mount between the head and frame, #7 and 8 on the fiche?
  7. oh I believe you I'm just wondering how well things worked out when doing it. From everything Ive read the piston from an 08 will work with any crank from 02-08 so should be home free correct?
  8. Has anyone done this? I know they are all the same piston rings cylinder, but the head is what I'm wondering. Any other info would help a ton
  9. I have seen the mods needed for the entire 03 era engines to get into the new frame, I just need to know if the parts r interchangeable with some of the useable 08 parts I have to keep costs down.
  10. Will the 03 bottom ends fit with the 08 head and cylinder and pistons and whatnot? I know there are a few decent 03 bottom ends on eBay right now
  11. So I'm guessing its just 05-08 that will fit? They went to fuel injected in 09 correct? Or is it still the same bottom end? Also what about 450X bottom ends? Will any years of those fit? Or did they have different gearing or whatnot? Sorry for all the dumb questions just trying to get back riding asap on some what of a budget
  12. Hey so had a major meltdown on my 08 CRF450R connecting rod let go and completely destroyed the rod itself, crank and cases I'm hoping to just buy a used bottom end off of eBay with a new piston as the cylinder and head are perfect I know the 08 wasn't the best bottom end with the ignition timing issue with shift sensor it has my question is what bottom ends would interchange with the cylinder and head I have so that I can have a plug and play situation I'm not against getting another 08 bottom end I'm just hoping to get one asap and not sit for a month here I know this question probably gets asked a lot I'm just not finding it when I search Thanks in advance guys, you are saving me here
  13. so no go on that, I was just hoping to get away with the cheaper crank from wiseco
  14. Looking to do a bottom end rebuild on my 06 YZ250F. Can buy a wiseco crank rebuild kit for $100 less thats for a WR. From what I understood the motors were identical on the bottom end. If anyone has any info on that, I'd love to hear heres the link for the crank: https://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMAHA-WR250F-WR-250F-WISECO-CRANKSHAFT-CRANK-KIT-WPC141-03-2012/232325336120?fits=Year%3A2003|Model%3AWR250F&epid=171278630&hash=item3617ab4c38:g:aHEAAOSwax5Yoq9x&vxp=mtr
  15. ok big head scratcher here. rebuilt me wr400, new piston and rings, new gaskets and everything. this is where things go sideways. bike won't run at all but will burp n fart. took the head pipe off and there was coolant in it, enough that you could pour it out. thought it was the head gasket, but i triple checked the torque on the bolts and they were 35 pounds. once I checked the oil from it looks to have coolant in it as well. the bike will start with no coolant in it, I just tried it to make sure I wasn't crazy and that the bike was still good, never ran it for more then 30 seconds with no coolant. is there a chance I have a bad head gasket new? or do I have a crack somewhere in the head or the cylinder causing the issue. if anyone has had this happen let me know and lets see if there is a fix for this