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  1. Yes I have the same pit in mine. 07wr450. They told me same thing, I thought it was a void or air bubble that they drilled out. The wall thickness of the tank is 1/4" and my divot looks to be at least 1/8" but could be more.
  2. I have an 07 CRF150RB that has limited adult riding time on it, maybe 15hrs. The last 2 times I've pulled it out it would not start. Drained gas/carb checked spark and tried again. NO go, not even a hint of starting. Pulled valve cover and took following readings: Intake Spec .006 +/- .001 Left Intake = .005 Right Intake = .004 (.001 out of spec) Exhaust Spec .010 +/- .001 Left Exhaust = .008 (.001 out of spec) Right Exhaust = .009 Would a .001 out of spec intake and exhaust valve create a no start issue with this bike? Pretty bummed they are already out of spec and this bike will not start. Thanks for any input.
  3. CHILL

    Just picked up a plated yz

    You can legally plate a 2002 or younger WR in California. Simply install the Baja Designs DS kit or equivalent and get a Yamaha mechanic to sign the appropriate paperwork. It can be done and is legal.
  4. CHILL

    CRF 450 X Dual Sport California

    All American Honda in Santa Cruz, CA was also selling these Plated CRF450x's in 2006. Think there was a $400 adder but I was always skeptical as most others are ... this is not a legit DS bike and it will certainly be subject to license revoking in the future. You'd probably have a hell of a good time though till the letter comes. By the way, All American no longer offers these plated bikes, so that should tell you something. Good condition Yamaha WR's 2002 and below are still eligible candidates for DS conversion and these bikes are bullet-proof, much more so than the CRF-X in my opinion.
  5. CHILL

    150R Cam Replacement - WTF???

    OK - just got off the phone with Honda Peninsula in Sunnyvale and they HAVE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. They keep 4 kits in stock at all times and have completed 40+ 150R cam upgrades. Scheduled me in for later next week so that's that. I called All American Honda back and told them they are blowing it and not taking care of their customers. Venting over.
  6. I've been waiting patiently to "get the call" from All American Honda in Santa Cruz, CA that they have the parts to complete the cam upgrade, but find myself still taking the initiative every month to call them and get the same song and dance ... "We just aren't getting any parts from Honda." Am I the only one getting jacked on this deal or what? I got my recall notice 4 months ago. I was #2 on the waiting list for the bike when they first came out so it's not like I'm far down on the list. Can others verify that they have been taken care of properly? I'm actually not afraid of the catastrophic failure others have experienced, as the bike isn't ridden on the redline all day ... I just want to get this done and get on with it.
  7. CHILL

    Penguins link

    We'll do our best to spread out and try to hold some sites for other riders. We have about 6 riders coming up Sat as well. I had a friend from SLO run out to Chorro this morning to reserve a couple spots and he said there are already a fair number of oldtimers there in big RV's ... guess they stay there and play golf next door. We should fit right in.
  8. CHILL

    Penguins link

    Thanks for the replies regarding gas stop, however I'm still unclear on this. I understand the gas stop will be at mile 80 (approx). Will these "drums" of gas be part of our entry fee or will they be trucking/staging our 5 gall jugs to the mile 80 mark like an enduro? Sorry for the confusion, just trying to determine if we need to get our spare fuel to Cal Poly on Sunday morning. There will be a good crew of us camping at Chorro Park Friday through Sunday if you are looking for a place to stay/camp.
  9. CHILL

    Penguins link

    Does someone who's completed this DS ride before know about the gas stop/refuelling deal? Will the gas stop be at a gas station or will we need to get our 5gallon jugs to the meeting spot on Sunday morning for transport? We are planning on camping and riding straight to the campus early Sunday morning and I don't feel like duct-taping my jug to the rear fender.
  10. CHILL

    Box of goodies!

    HONDBEACH - how do you like your Dr D exhaust? Do you feel the new exhaust is louder than stock OEM? Was fit and finish what you expected? I'm interested in the same exhaust, full pipe/silencer with optional spark arrestor. Does the spark arrestor install in and out easily?
  11. CHILL

    150 Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki, kawasaki

    JJFITZ - you must be an idiot, I'm sorry for you. Again, the HONDA CRF150R is now available at your local HONDA dealer. It is the best mini ever created, which comes as no surprise since it is a HONDA. The weight savings going to Aluminum frame is minimal. Park your "overweight" steel frame ringding kx100 and step up to the red rocket. 2 stroke 250's are cool, 2 stroke 80's & 100's are not. CHILL
  12. CHILL

    150 Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki, kawasaki

    I second that. Who cares when the others come out, if ever. It's a HONDA and it's damn near perfect. Ride red.
  13. CHILL


    Seriously, a Pro Circuit T4 pipe is quieter than the OEM stock exhaust? That's a first, but glad to hear it.
  14. CHILL

    BBR springs

    I'm in Santa Cruz area, where are the supermoto races taking place? Are you part of the group who runs out in De Anza parking lot? Sounds like fun. My dog is named Senna.
  15. CHILL

    BBR springs

    I installed the BBR springs, front and rear. I'm 175 and the bike felt pretty good in stock form, but I knew from experience the suspension would break in and get a little soft in time. Sitting on the bike, you hardly notice any difference. I put the same springs on my cr80/Xr120 years ago and it still feels perfect.