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  1. i would set the sag or if you really have to shave ur seat but you shouldnt have too...
  2. thats what i usually use and do just all the way up to the neck.. its simple
  3. k thanks alot all you guys
  4. can some one give me a list of things to try to this thing???
  5. was it kinda bogging and u had to feather the clutch kinda?
  6. would you just clean the carbs then and the jets ?
  7. hello i have a 02 yz85 and i went through a big puddle last weekend and it was over my seat the bike never stalled or anytihng it ran fine until i shut it of and brought it home. i got home and cleaned the air filter and now it is bogging on me wat do i do! i got to ride tomorrow and race sun.! help me please!