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  1. just wanted to see if there was anyone that had their TTR heavily modified and what there experience is with the bike. I have a 2005 TTR 125 Le. It has the following mods: BBR exhaust (blue) BBR 150cc big bore kit (cylinder, piston, cam, ect..) BBR swingarm (blue) BBR frame cradle (blue) BBR high flow air box mod BBR chain guide (blue) BBR pegs Complete inverted front end (forks, triple trees etc...) from 1998 YZ 80 Works performace remote reservoir rear shock. Red baron high rise handlebars (blue) this bike runs extremely well considering i weigh about 200 lbs. has a ton of power and handles the jumps great on the mini moto-x track. this is a completely different bike then the stock one i started with. i really couldn't even ride it in stock form without blowing through the suspension on virtually every bump. not to mention that without the frame cradle i don't even reccomend trying to jump this bike as you will probably wind up damaging the frame. the first thing you should do to this bike if you are even thinking of really riding it is install the BBR frame cradle. i started with replacing the front and rear springs with BBR'S heavy duty springs. it was definitely better, but was not enough for me. so i found a nice clean front end on E-Bay from a 1998 YZ 80 that came with the inverted forks, and both the upper and lower triple clamps. i had to order all new bearings for the steering stem to complete the installation of the front end, and i wound up using 30wt oil for the forks. i rode it and tried to adjust the compression and rebound on the stock rear shock with the BBR heavy spring and it just couldn't keep up with the new front end. so i inevitably wound up replacing the rear shock with a new one from Works performance. i just gave them a call and ordered one specific to my weight. with the new rear shock and the new front end this is really a whole new bike. i must say i am very impressed. as far as the motor mods, i tested the power in 3 stages. i made note how much power the bike produced at stock, with the BBR exhaust and the air box kit installed, and finally with the 150cc big bore kit added. just the air box mod and pipe alone produced a HUGE power gain. it would actually pull the front wheel off the ground on it's own, and had quite a bit more power on the mid and top. but with the big bore kit the bike now has the great midrange and top end power, along with the grunt bottom end it was so badly missing before. the only thing i think it might need at this point is a gear change. it runs great on the bottom and mid, but has so much power now that on the top end it runs throught the gears like nothing now and feels like it probably needs a smaller rear sprocket..... minor details at this point....LOL all in all i would say i have dumped about $6k into this project, but i must say though expensive, it has turned out one hell of a play bike!! i also have a 2005 YZ 250F and love riding it as well, but there is just something about a great play bike that just cant be beat!!