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    1997 xr400 confusing pilot jet problem

    Hi All and thanks for all the advice. Since my bike was a stock 97 I went ahead and rounded up the newer needle A16A and the newer slide (16112-KCY-771) and both leaner pilots and the 62 pilot and did some experimenting. The bike is now running awesome! I can finally pop the front wheel up over rocks and stuff without the dreaded bog. My combo is now 155/62, unifilter, no snorkel and White E series with 12 spacers. Pilot screw dials in at 2 turns out. Not sure how to explain the 62 pilot being the winner since all my riding is at 7000' and up but one thing I thought of is that it is never hot up here and temps are usually in the low to mid 70's so that pushes it back a little to the richer side. Anyhow just thought I'd report back- happy riding.
  2. Hi folks- after running my 97 XR400 around for a few summers I decided to try and jet it right but now am very confused. I'm up high at 7000'/70 degrees and had a 160/60, White Bros E series-5 discs, stock headers and stock airfilter (no snorkle)- the plug was black, the bike was wimpy and would pop badly when decelerating. I put in a new Uni filter, a 155 main and leaned the needle to 2nd from the top -it was in the middle clip. Now the midrange and top is great, the backfiring is gone- but I have a terrible off idle bog- the weird part is my fast idle is at 4 turns out on my pilot screw. How can I be too lean with a 60? Was it dropping the needle? I don't know whether to try a 62 pilot or go down to a 55 or put the needle back to the middle. Any ideas? Thanks!, Paul -Flagstaff, AZ