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    I have seen a few clips on here of trials riding, but I watched Balancing Act 4 last night and I could not believe some of the things those guys can do on a bike. It must take a certain kind of person to even think of some of that stuff let alone try it. I have always thought trials was interesting but now I have a whole new respect for it. All I can say is: :bonk:

    That Jimmy Stewart, He's on the GAS!

    I was lucky enough to have been there and I am glad to see that some other people noticed the how incredible it was to watch that kind of a come back. I went to the race last year and it was terrible but I will keep going back after what I saw last Saturday. I think that with a performance like that it just shows how much faster he really is compared to the rest of the riders, I just wish someone besides RC could keep up with him to make it more interesting in the future.

    National hare and hound video

    Wow, I am guessing the word "holeshot" is very important in a race like that. I always thought that style of race sounded like fun, now I am not so sure.

    250 Xcf/xcfw - Any Regrets?

    Can I ask why you didn't ride it stock or have you ridden them before? I have considered this bike myself and just wondered what you're perspective was on the stock bike. Thanks,

    xr400 to a 250xcf-w

    I just went to KTMs website and I didn't see the 400. Did they stop making them? I have considered the 400 before but had a friend tell me that the upside probably wouldn't be worth the $$$. But on those days when I am tired it sure can get old kicking after a stall or crash.
  6. I have been considering switching from an 04 xr400 to a 250xcf or the w model and I was wondering if anybody has ridden both. I know it would be nice to have the button but I am a little conerned about the power, I am 6' tall and weigh 250 plus. I have read up on the 250s alot and it sounds like it would be a great ride but I would hate to spend the money and be disapointed later. I am a casual trailrider, and do not plan on doing any serious racing. I might try an enduro someday but only for fun. If you have any advice or info it will be appreciated.

    Drying air filters

    I use a fan too, but i just lay it on the floor and set the filter on top. It works pretty decent and doesn't take long.

    Euro VS USA???

    I read an article a while back saying that Juha is going home next year and Knight will take his place in the GNCCs for KTM, and I would bet some big $$$ he will dominate. I just find it odd that the USA riders seem to be so much faster in SX and MX but can't hang in the true offroad events. I suppose that is where are top riders are at due to the $$$. It is kind of sad if you ask me. I would just like to see an American dominate like Juha and Knight seem to.
  9. I have noticed that Dirt Bike seems to be getting better and better all the time, and I agree about a two stroke project over the winter. I have been thinking about the RM250 alot lately.

    Euro VS USA???

    I have been reading about the WEC events that were in the US and Canada in a couple of magazines and they were saying how they didn't have a very big turn out of the top American riders. I can understand them not going abroad for the races due to expenses and logistics but why wouldn't they go if the races were here? Are the Euro riders so much better that our riders don't want to race or what??? Hey Dwight if you read this I would like to here your take on this.

    XR250 or XR400?

    I was in the same boat as you about 6 months ago, I am 6' tall 260 pounds and I had never had a bike before and a friend talked me into a xr400 and I couldn't be happier (well electric start would be nice) My buddy is about you're height and he doesn't have any problems. A lot of people talk about the weight of the xr but after coming off of quads it doesn't seem so bad. The xr has enough power to take you anywhere and but not enough to scare you. Just my thoughts, good luck.

    Bluff Creek Iowa

    Has anybody been to Bluff Creek up by Oskaloosa, if so is it any good. Any info is appreciated.

    Deep woods riding alone tips?

    Atleast tell someone where you will be and how long you will be gone.
  14. You mean to tell me he is doing some kind of tricks??? I thought he really had magical powers, thats ok I know Copperfield and Blain are actually using magic.

    What's a REAL "Privateer"?

    I went to the St. Louis SX this year and when we were leaving we saw a guy push his bike out of the arena, down the street and load it in the back of a pickup. Thats what I call a privateer. It kind of bugs me to see these guys that ride for some of these guys that ride for high dollar teams win privateer of the year awards. And take home a brand new truck and trailer that they don't need.