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  1. Guys I am lost as why. Rebuilt a 125 with a new crank, bearings and crank seals. New top end as well. Bike runs fine at top but mid (for a 125) it boggs. Bike ran like great prior. Do I have air leak?
  2. OK gang I just poured my last bottle of Mobile 1 2 stroke. The only stuff that I have been useing for forever. They quit making it so I got use something else. Is there something out there that works as well? It burns really clean. I have a YZ125 with 70 Hours on it, and everytime I do a topend change I don't even bother cleaning the powervalve cause it is not dirty. Anything out there that other Mobil 1 users like just as well?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have both bikes setup up with the right springs and for now will just enjoy the 125 on a track. I think it makes me a better more aggresive rider, corner speeds are crucial if you want to hit the next jump. I may add a tooth or two on the 250 and may add a flyweel weight on the big bike. It can't hurt in the woods and it may help on the track.
  4. Woods Racer - tell me more about the 155. Is the stoked crank something you buy from hotrods or somewhere else or did Eric Gorr do the crank work. Do the engine cases need to be modified for the crank?
  5. I have an 06 YZ125 and a 06 YZ250. Being a 6 ft, 48 year old, with 220 pounds to lug around I look like I am sqishing the poor 125. On a motocross track I a can go longer and faster on the 125. On the 125 i fell like I am always ahead of what needs to get done and am more relaxed. Out in the woods (I do some Harescrambles) the 250 is just fine and I am faster with the big bike, but get me on a track and I feel intimidated with it. Should I do something to my riding style or do something to the 250? Maybe just accept that I like the 125 better and enjoy it?
  6. Good Stuff - Burns Clean, lubes well. Cheaper than others and available.