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  1. Dear Fellas : This in no way is meant to detract from you folks trying to do good work . It is ... well just my editorial . thank you. Duncan Adams Dear Thumper : A quick profile of myself . 50 years old got a DRZ 400 Dual Sport 3 years ago . I had not been on a bike since I was bout 21. { the last bike I road before I got the DRZ had drum brakes front and rear . ] I ride mainly on the county roads I live on here in southern Indiana . { I'm to worried about doing much off road because I don't want to bang up my bike and spend the money on new lights and repairs . I have plenty of friends who have property to ride off road on if I wanted to .} Enough about me .. to the problem at hand that I see pop up on about every issue " TT " . This BLM thing . I understand BLM as I use to live in Phoenix AZ and there was a place , Bull Dog Canyon , that we use to go shoot at . BLM closed it down to firearms and that was that . Now let me get political ... because this Agency known as the Bureau of Land Management and it's existence is political . BLM exists because the Federal Government owns land that the States should own. There is nothing ... nothing in the US Constitution that authorizes the BLM or the Federal Park service . The Constitution is a limiting , granting contract between The People and the body of government that the States created .. The United States Federal Government . I see links for petitions all the time on Thumper Talk to " persuade , congeal , convince " BLM to not restrict the use by off road bikes and four wheelers . Let me blunt ... they don't give a frak about you at all . They like it when you scream and holler . Because that gives them a reason to exist . To ask for more money and personal . So they can " Study " the problem to " best fit the needs of the people. " B*LLSH*T !! They just want more for them and less for us .. the employers . They are a bureaucracy that answers to no one .. maybe congress IF .. IF . congress passes specific laws for a specific reason { and even then different agencies will defy the law and just let the courts decide the " gray area " } and or if congress would cut down or cut off the funding to BLM . Now here's the answer to the problem ... no ones gonna like it .. because it's gonna involve a lot of work .. less riding time and some of your gas money . You gonna have to get the Constitution reinstated . If you start looking at the at the majority of problems in this country , State and Federal , It's because the people we hired to run our government don't follow the work order we sent them ,what they took an oath to .. the Constitution [ s ] . All of the above are facts . I would let history support this as such . Now here is my opinion .. take it , leave it or draw up your own . Your not gonna get things fixed through Republican or Democrat representatives. for the last ... oh ... 108 years . That's who has been in charge of the State and Federal governments . Do you have more freedom than your father , your grandfather , your great grandfather ? Or Less ? " We'll we all ride in cars now instead of on horses . " Don't confuse technology and commerce with freedom . I joined the Libertarian Party .. why .. because I want to be part of the solution . Not just watch as the Republicans and Democrats , the " Uni - Party System " as I call it . Just keep on rolling down the road doing as they please. It's a cause and effect world . Action , reaction . We don't follow the Constitution [ cause } , we get BLM , [ effect ] . It's your country ... you decide if it' worth keeping . I like to leave people with this rhetorical question . This is for the .... 15 to 30% of the thinking people that might read this . " Do you really think your gonna get your Constitution back with out a gunfight ? " Thank you. Duncan Adams Nashville Indiana