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  1. Str8crazy

    opinions on 05 450sx

    Great! thanks Guys -
  2. I am thinking about purchasing a 05 450sx, the bike is owned by a close friend and has probably less than 30 hours on it. I have never known him to say anything about problems but i would like to hear anyone's opinions on these machines. thanks
  3. I got to ride a KTM 250sxf and that bike ripped- bone stock It handled well and the suspension was great, but availability will probably be an issue with the orange bikes, 250f's are alot of fun but i guess it depends on what type of riding you will primarily be using it for.
  4. Str8crazy

    gearing question

    sounds good, thanks
  5. Str8crazy

    gearing question

    If i wanted to add one tooth to the rear, do i have to add links to the chain? and should i add one tooth to the front as well? just trying to get a little more out of corners and i never get into 5th so i figured it wouldnt hurt to go up one. thanks