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  1. teamPRF413

    Bike Prep Question . How much Time?

    You shouldn't have to check the valves on your RMZ every few rides. The pro mechanics dont even check there valves that much. Not saying its a bad thing that you are but you should only need to check them every 30 hours, give or take.
  2. teamPRF413

    Milford worth 8 hr drive?

    How long do you plan on camping there? Milford lake is defintaly worth it, that is my favorite area for trail riding. You would also have lotsa fun on the lake fishing or just paddalin around on your kayak. So I would say give it a try.
  3. teamPRF413

    Broken Collar Bone. How long?

    Mine took about a month and a half but I broke it really bad! So maybe it varies for different people.
  4. teamPRF413

    Missouri/Kansas riders out there?

    Yup Dominic we have talked before on motocross.com and AIM. I am begining to race C class pretty soon.
  5. teamPRF413

    Power Now System?

    The Boyeson Quick Shot is a fuel injector pump cover for your carburator. It is supposed to allow more fuel flow, thus incresing bottem end, no hesitation and no bogging. It is supposed to also help with stahling. They are very easy to install, they are a simple bolt on mod.
  6. teamPRF413

    Missouri/Kansas riders out there?

    I am from Kansas City missouri and I am a C class racer. Has anybody rode or been to any of these places or tracks: Knobby Hill, Merwin, Kingsville, Grainvalley, Grindstone, Chadwick, Milford lake, Finger lakes, Moberly, HWY 65 track.....theres many many more but if you have heard or been to one of these places give a shout out that you have.
  7. teamPRF413

    Accelorator pump cover

    Hey has anyone tried the Boyeson Quick shot Accelorator pump cover? I am curious to see how much of a difference it really makes, I just installed one on my 05 RMZ 250. Thanxs!!!!
  8. teamPRF413

    RMZ 250 stalling problem

    My RMZ did that until I incresed the idol speed. Then it ran a lot smoother and was easier to start.