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    guitars, guns, motorcycles!!!!!

    Bad talk about the XR650R

    Got To Agree With Bwb! The Xr650r Is A Great Bike. I Got No Complaints With My 2003. Of Course, I Did The Initial Teardown And Relube , Uncork, Rejett, Side Panel Cut, Suspension Set....you Get The Drift. I Smile Everytime I Get A Wheelie Out Of The Sucker! If More People Spent Some Time With Up Keep , Proper Jetting, Suspension Settings And So On, I Think The Smiles Would Return. You Can't Make Chicken Soup Out Of Chicken Poop!!!! J/k By The Way, Cool Site Bwb! Lots Of Good Info.....thanks For Sharing!

    I have just removed the theromstat

    I Had The Same Issue With My Thermostat On My 2003 Xr650r. I Checked The Aftermarket Suzuki Swift Tstats And Found That The Prestone Brand That You Can Buy At Checker Auto Parts Is A Drop In Deal. Same Exact Size As The Old Original Honda Stat. Just Drill Your Bleed Hole On The Outer Ring And Your Set. The Napa Housing Was A Little To Big And The Guys At Autozone Here Were A Bunch Of Idiots!!!! Look Up Your Own Parts If Possible. Checker Has All The Tstats Out Front. Take Your Old Stat With You And Compare. I Was Really Surprised How Close The Prestone Stat Is To Original. Plus, The Bike Runs Much Better Now That It Operates At A Good Temp. Because All The Factory Stats Stick Open I Think The Factory Stat Is Wrong Temp (full Open At 94 Degrees).the Engineer Designed It That Way But It Can Always Be Better Right?