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  1. You can use the pen tool, though it takes a bit to get used to.
  2. Ha hahahaha... Animal Print graphics!
  3. Thanks. I would have to shop around to see who could print fairly cheap. They are in vector form, so any company should be able to print them. Any suggestions. What do you mean by digital camo?
  4. No, everyone else has left one comment and got on with their lives. Not you. You keep coming back. Therefore, you are trashing me. I'm a part time artist who has never fit the stereotype of an "artist". Don't judge me when you obviously don't know me. Talent is an opinion. Andy Warhol was not an artist in my eyes, but many think of him as an iconic figure of the 60's. Are you an artist? You seem to know about design elements and you are very "passionate" about art. If you are, you are acting like the typical "artist".
  5. Wow. You jump all over my s**t, poke fun at me, I poke back, you get pissed! I don't think my work is awesome. I posted to get constructive criticism. Actually, you are the only one trashing me!
  6. Is Aunt Flo visiting?
  7. You sure this isn't whining?
  8. I can do fire....kinda already has been done before...
  9. 1. You call that whining? 2. That comment was made when I thought someone was saying my graphics disgrace the sport.
  10. Thanks everyone for the honest (and sometimes brutal) comments! Still working on a military themed set of graphics, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here's some new designs! Feel free to comment, critique, whatever...
  11. I'm detecting your sarcasm.............................