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  1. supercoe

    2013 300xc running rich, help!

    I talked to the service guys at my dealer today and he also thought it was odd that I needed to do what I did to get it going good. He told me he'd call KTM and see what they had to say, still waiting a call back. Once again, I agree that tuning is up to us to do, I just think it's odd that it would be that far off spec and so did the service guy.
  2. supercoe

    2013 300xc running rich, help!

    Thanks again for all the info everyone. I'm not afraid of tuning and have plenty of experience in doing so, it just seems odd to me that according to the manual the stock settings should have been spot on for my elevation and temperature. I agree that tuning is something we are responsible for but I am going to let my dealer know about it tomorrow. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll throw in a couple free needles for me to try since it was so far off. Anyways, just got back from my first real ride, I thought I could hear a bit of detonation in the mid range but otherwise she purred like a kitten. Really happy with the bike, more tuning to come.
  3. supercoe

    2013 300xc running rich, help!

    Thanks for the tip, ill look into those needles. I made a few more adjustments and now I think it's perfect. Currently I have the bike at: Air screw - 3/4 turn Needle n2zk top clip (position 1) Adjusted floats so bike won't puke fuel at 45 deg angle. Main jet 162 (stock was 165) Pilot jet - stock (35) Plug is golden brown. All of my stuttering is gone. I can't believe how much faster this bike is than my tired yz250! The grunt this thing has is great as I'm a huge dude (6'4" 280lbs) Lovin the 6 speed. Really digging the electric start even though I was skeptical at first. Going for a longer ride now, I bet my gas consumption will be dramatically better.
  4. supercoe

    2013 300xc running rich, help!

    I agree about the dealer, I'm not keen on them touching it but it didn't run right out the door. Update! Went back to stock settings and adjusted the floats a bit more. Now it doesn't leak fuel when I tilt it at a 45 but will if I go farther, perfect. Went for a rip, the very bottom end and high end was running smooth but I still had mad stutter in the mid. So I adjusted the needle a clip up and it almost cleared it up perfect. The bike is now great through the power band except for a light rich stutter at the high end of the mid range. Thanks for everyone's help, I believe I cleared up my problem. People weren't kidding when they said these things run rich out of the box! Thanks again for all the help.
  5. supercoe

    2013 300xc running rich, help!

    I tried the 162 main jet, didn't help the bottom end sputter but made the top really crisp. Front wheel comes up now with less throttle on the top end. Tried the n2zl needle in position 4, no change. Those were easy things to try, letting the bike cool now then I'm going back to stock and adjusting the floats.
  6. supercoe

    2013 300xc running rich, help!

    Working on the bike now, it's not a lean sounding big it definitely is sputtering bad until the rpm climbs. I adjusted the floats a little bit and couldn't tell a difference. Then I dropped the needle down one clip and it seemed a little better but not perfect. Just checked the plug, it's dark but not wet. No brown/white. Yes it came with the needle/jet kit. Ill adjust the floats more now and see what happens. Thanks for the help! And yes a bit of sponge out the exhaust but she only has maybe 18 miles in her.
  7. supercoe

    2013 300xc running rich, help!

    Hello everyone, I'm the proud owner of a new 300xc today and just had my first ride. The bike starts and idles great but seems to stutter like its rich on the bottom and mid range. I live in northern MN and as far as I can tell I'm right in the stock jetting range (~1200ft). The bike runs awesome over 50% throttle but it used a gallon of fuel in about 15miles. I've read so far that these bikes seem to need the floats adjusted and I'm thinking that might be my problem. If I tilt the bike at a 45deg angle gas pours out the overflow. I noticed gas came out even when I simply shook the bike to make sure it was tight on the trailer. I'm really hoping to get this solved as I have my first ride planned for tomorrow and my dealer is closed. Any ideas would be appreciated!