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  1. UPDATE My intake valves are so tight that I can't get the smallest feeler gauge in for a measurement. Now what? I have no starting point on how to shim the intake valves. Can they be shimmed?
  2. I don't kick this bike much, but compression at the kick starter seems about right. Something in the valve train was my first guess. This bike has never refused to start but I will check all the easy stuff first
  3. So after completing another LAB2V on my 450X I noticed the idle went real low at the last few stop lights rolling into Vegas and the finish. I figured it was a dirty air filter and lack of air in the fuel mixture? When I got home it would not fire, when I cleaned everything it still will not fire. Sounded like no spark/ no fuel when turning the starter motor over. Yes, I'm sure it's due for another top end but the valves checked in spec before the 2016 LAB2V and has not been inspected since. Any ideas or similar circumstances with a fix?
  4. The next big update for the X will be a sixth gear and a street title
  5. I may give this a try http://www.rottweilerperformance.com/rottweiler-tail-tidy-950-990-ktm-adventure/
  6. I've found the tail light brake light OEM replacement on flea bay for 20 bucks. Just wondering if someone has added the turn signal option to a similar unit for say... 25 bucks?
  7. Does such an animal exist? All in one package that fits in the stock location doesn't matter if it's DOT legal. Just want to get rid of the Tusk bolt-on unit and I'll deal with the license plate location later.
  8. I'm in for both days. No water crossing at Afton Canyon this year.
  9. Ride it like you stole it. Just not one speed constantly
  10. I really like the high dollar works connection with hot start. All anodized billet construction and a sweet feeling clutch pull. It'll make you think you're running all Hinson internals it feels that good!
  11. All right it sounds like you guys are contradicting yourselves here. Which way does the sunstar CS sprocket face? Logo side out or sunstar logo facing in? Yes my sprocket is new without much sign of wear but do to a leaking seal I pulled the sprocket off and it's been a few days and my feeble old man memory is shot and can't remember. It looks like it could make a big difference on which way it goes. Thanks in advance from the confused
  12. The Michelin 'Desert' 90/90-21 is one of my favorites (plus it's DOT) stiff sidewalls make up for the low profile of the 90/90 equals no tire roll in hard pack corners, (it's my theory) and just picked up the new Dunlop MX51FA in a 90/90 need to mount though and verify my theory of the lower profile.
  13. Nevada

    Sorry for the late reply riding tomorrow sandy valley Pahrump single track 702-335-4142
  14. Behind my house in Mt. Charleston area yesterday and Sandy Valley/ Pahrump area this Saturday
  15. Nevada

    Search Laughlin on this forum should be some info. Stage at the gravel pits off the the Laughlin Hwy (163)