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  1. Jetting by using the color of the plug (at least in the USA) really does not apply anymore because they mess with the fuel so much here. My initial thought would be to pull the choke out a small amount when your stuttering occurs and see if that helps. Repeat with the hot start. It is extremely possible that you may have a needle with too little taper, which at about 1/8 or 1/4 throttle does not deliver enough fuel, but the pilot circuit (pilot jet in combination with the pilot needle setting) may be too rich. In 2006, at least in the USA, they had the jetting all messed up to pass road emissions, but no idea how they were delivered in Australia. I don't have time to visit this site much anymore, so I may not see any further questions you may direct my way...
  2. coffee


    Good luck George on your new endeavor This is a very strange thread indeed.
  3. coffee

    WEB Site

  4. coffee

    RIP Desert Rat 450

    Godspeed.. I remember meeting & riding with him, quite a bit considering the distance between us.
  5. I remember that thread! "The greatest controversy of all time..." and the first post had 2 pictures - under, and over TP rolls (scurries off to find the DR tribute thread...)
  6. coffee

    2011 Sidi Crossfires

    In the USA contacting http://motonation.com/ results in happiness - they are the USA importer for SIDI. At least I was happy when I called them and the parts showed up in a few days (that was 2 years ago). I've no idea how things are done in Canada.
  7. Nice. Yes, clean the jets, primarily the pilot jet. Also strongly suggest getting a new pilot jet 1 size larger - for our 2005 TTR125LE I took out the 15 pilot jet and put in a 17.5 pilot jet - life was much much better and did not need to keep the choke on nearly as much. I also took out the 105 main jet and put in a 107.5 main jet, but that was not nearly as important as the larger pilot jet. Using some type of fuel stabilizer would be good (e.g. stabil), at least that is important for us.
  8. coffee

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    Have you thought about having the pits you have radio contact with now, email you cell phone pics of who went through & when? (For your own reference & write up) That could prove to be fairly valuable reference information.
  9. coffee

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    This was on adv, I've seen nothing else (link):
  10. coffee

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    I'm really confused why more of this level of detail is not being reported. Personally I am trying to keep track of a few riders that have not been heard from in a while. So instead of reading just tt (where the tt ads are presented) and getting that information, I am checking several other sites frequently for updates (where they have their own ads). My guess would be many others are doing the same thing, possibly thousands of people. Makes no sense to me...
  11. coffee

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    There were pics of the sheets from BP 11 posted, here is what it said: Baja pits 11, RM 559 1x 335pm 8x 442pm (then a bunch of bikes) 5x 627pm (then a bunch of bikes) 305x 733pm (then a bunch of bikes) No mention of 10x
  12. coffee

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    Assuming you mean the advertisements on the race-dezert site with the weathermans audio feed - great question. It could well be that some people may turn off the sound when they are running, and go surf somewhere else. If you go here there is a text feed without those commercials, but not the weathermans audio feed (hint, use fire fox with ad blocker plus to loose the flash ads on the left): http://dirtnewz.com/events-10/baja1000/index.shtml This is a post about 500x http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=9829980#post9829980
  13. coffee

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    I really appreciate the updates. In case anyone might not know, clicking on this symbol towards the lower left part of a post will give people a thank you as well (rep).
  14. coffee

    NEW JD Jetting EFI Tuner for the 310

    Matt, do you have one in stock?
  15. coffee

    2004 Te510 Buying help

    Yes the 2006/7 TEs ate great bikes and come with a license plate. The 2007s came with red/white plastics and my 2006 TE250 was switched to red/white by using the 2006 TC plastics which were red/white. In 2007 ktm came out with a license plate, so if you are in the market for a 'dirt bike with license plate' (as opposed to a much heavier dual sport) then for the 2006/7 model years those are your only options as far as I know. If the plate is not important then many other bikes could work. There is a section near the 'General' forum called 'which bike?' If this is an important decision to you, then you may want to ask there too. fyi - Husqvarna bikes don't hold resale value very well compared to other brands, which if you are buying used would be a good thing.