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  1. kjfox

    What tire should i get

    Went to the web-site, the only size front tire they are offering in the Scorpion Pro is 90/90-21. How does that tire compare to the stock 80/100-21 front? I imagine we need the 80/100 -21 size tire.
  2. kjfox

    What tire should i get

    flintlock28; Where did you get your tires from?
  3. kjfox

    426 tires

    Need new front and rear tires. Mainly hardpack riding here in Virginia. however I also ride some MX and trails in Maryland, PA and NC. Considering the Pirell Scorpion Pro for the front and the MT-16 for the rear. Currently have Dunlop 739FAJ front and 120/90-19(stock is 110/90-19) D739 for the rear. Should I seriously consider the Pirelli or stick with the Dunlops? What is the handling differences between these two tires? Where do you guys get tires from? How does the Pirelli front tire special work?
  4. kjfox

    2001 YZ426 Skid Plate

    Utah Sports 2 other 0. Any other views?
  5. Looking for advise on which model skid plate I should get for this bike. Any recommendations? I am looking to replace the stock skid plate that just barely covers the frame.
  6. Looking to pick some videos at beginner and intermediate level for MX and trails, any suggestions? Looking foe educationial type of material?
  7. kjfox

    Ethanol Premimum Gas

    I am not sure if this discussion has been raised. On the East Coast many gas station only have Premimum with 10% ethanol. If you are using this type of gas what are your expereinces? Could you aslo recommend whcih premimum brands your are using sucessfully on a stock YZ450?
  8. kjfox

    First 'real' trail ride on the XR100

    Chris, I also live in Virginia and was thinking about going to Tasker Gap .. this weekend or Monday. I have a xr200 as well as Z400 ATV. Could you tell me a little more about the trails. How long did it take you to do the nine mile section? I am not much of a fan of continuous rocks. Are they closing the trail as you stated? Thanks, Ken
  9. kjfox

    xr200 oil weight and volume

    Is the volumn of 11.9 oz of fork oil for each fork? If so, I will need two bottles of fork oil. Thanks
  10. Looking to update the front end on my 1999 XR200, have progressive springs already.. Just finished the rear with a works rear. DOes anybody have a pair of the long travel dampenering rods they can help me out with? Or I guess a front end?
  11. kjfox

    My XR200R finally modded

    ANy idea what the long travel dampening rods cost from Honda? I tried contacting Service Honda no luck or response. Thanks Ken
  12. kjfox

    17 inch search

    Ordered a 100/100X17 IRC VE33 Enduro Part# 77623 from RockyMOuntainATV for 31.95, But they do not seem to have tubes? Hope this helps.
  13. kjfox

    Rear tire and tube xr200

    WOuld any of the following tubes work for the 100/100 -17 tire? 3.25/3.5/4.10-17 tr-4? or 3.25/3.5 with tr-6 valve? What is the difference between the tr-4 and tr-6 valve? Thanks
  14. kjfox

    Rear tire and tube xr200

    Search the internet up and down. Can't find one. what is the IRC #? IRC-XXX?
  15. kjfox

    Rear tire and tube xr200

    Thanks Al, Any idea where I can get one? Ken