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  1. ktmdesertrider

    KTM 450sx

    Has enyone ever riden this bike?? Is is red or green sticker... would you prefure this bike or the KTM 250SXF... I do tracks and desert... Help
  2. ktmdesertrider

    Stupid Quad riders

    ****ing doosh bags...
  3. ktmdesertrider

    Whick Bike

    I am looking to buy a new bike for the desert. I'm looking at the yz250F, CRF250R, 250SXF. I really like KTMs. I know these are motorcross bikes but that is what i want because i do tons of jumping and whoops. I want a reliable bike too. Nice looking too. HELP
  4. ktmdesertrider

    How much money??

    Three Brothers Racing in Costa Mesa CA.
  5. ktmdesertrider

    05 Ktm 200exc

    I have a 05 KTM 200 EXC and i want to know how much i should sell it for.. It has 35.1 miles on it and no lights, unbreakable cluch lever and break lever. Brand new. Red sticker. I want to know what price i should sell it for or if you want to buy it. ... HELP
  6. ktmdesertrider

    How much money??

    It has 35.1 hours. I just went riding but i cna clean it up very well...
  7. ktmdesertrider

    How much money??

    How much can i sell my 05 KTM 200EXC. It has no lights, unbreakable cluch and brake levers, runs great, well maintained. Starts quickly. I bought it for 6,100$ and I am looking to buy the SX-F. PLease help
  8. ktmdesertrider

    Who has owned a 200exc and a 300exc?

    I own 05 200EXC and it is perfect. 6 gears and enough power. Love it for enduro.
  9. ktmdesertrider

    Graphic Kits

    I have a 2005 KTM 200EXC and I am looking for some cool graphics. I have looked at Kenny Bartram's graphics but i wnat the whole kit.... i need help.... going riding in 2 months...
  10. ktmdesertrider

    Best Desert Bike?

    I would do the 300 EXC. the 250 is good but for desert i would definately do that. it is light , good gas, all around great bike. Not too big not too small
  11. ktmdesertrider

    Air Filter

    I want to know what the best air filter is for desert rideing. I know there is twin air and uni but are there more and which one is the best??? Help
  12. ktmdesertrider

    Light and Tail Light

    I own a 2005 200EXC 2 Stroke Ktm and i unpluged the tail light and the head light. My bike won't start now. Did I **** it up and the bike will only start if the lights are pluged in or is something else wrong.... Please help P.S. Don't give my useless info if you don't know my bike
  13. ktmdesertrider


    How do I get rust off my chain??? Please help
  14. ktmdesertrider


    What can i do to my suspension?? People keep telling me to fix up my suspention...help
  15. ktmdesertrider


    I own a 05 KTM 200EXC 2 stroke and i was just wandering if a scotts' stableizer is a good investment to buy for my bike or should i get other items for it. I Do Desert Riding. I handle with some rocks and soft sand. please. all suggestions needed. help...