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  1. nastyDub

    Cam recommendations?

    Hot Cams Stage 1. Really noticable on the low end. It feels like an electric motor coming out of the corners. Instant power.
  2. nastyDub

    What exhaust to buy?

    New Exhaust will make you sound faster! Perfect suspension will make you ride faster, plain and simple!!! As an added bonus you will crash less and ride longer without getting as tired. Ask a pro what he would rather give up. Power is good, but only if you can keep it on the ground!!!
  3. nastyDub

    Braking's dual piston rear caliper...

    Sorry no pic but here's alink to one... http://store.eastcoastwheels.com/br32pireca.html
  4. I just put my new rims on my 450x. It's awesome! But I noticed that the front drops a lot more than the rear does. With the front sitting that much lower do I still check the oil level on the ground or do I use a bike stand and check it. Reason I'm asking is that it takes more than the recomended amount of oil to get to the full line on the dipstick. I would assume that the dipstick is strategically placed for the optimum oil hight. Does that still apply with supermoto wheels. Thanks for any help. nastyDub
  5. nastyDub

    Braking's dual piston rear caliper...

    Cool man... Thanks
  6. nastyDub

    Braking's dual piston rear caliper...

    Is it hard to find brake pads for the dual piston caliper? or can they use the stock pads from my bike. I live in ontario and I don't want to have pads shipped every time I need them. And will it work with the stock rotor? Thanks for the info
  7. Anyone tried one? Want to know how much better it is than stock. My 450X's rear does squat!!!! Is the caliper worth it?
  8. nastyDub

    SuperMoto wheel set

    It seems like it's a bit of a crap shoot when it come to how long it takes to get your stuff from east coast, but not on the quality of the product!!! It took 4 months for my stuff. I found I got much better results from them thru constant contact via e-mail, not venting on some forums. Not that I didn't, I just wish now that I had spent the time e-mailing them and getting things done instead of bitchin here with no results.
  9. nastyDub

    Signal flasher problem!!!

    I only have a rear switch. It's wired into the stock X taillight with 2 Kilo ohm resistors in parallel(reduces heat). The resistors dim the light by half and the brake switch bypasses the resistor. Works great! Sorry I don't have a part # for the switch
  10. I can't find a flasher that will work with my LED turn signals. Any suggestions?
  11. nastyDub

    Ss7 Fluid Or Honda Hp 5 Wt

    If Showa makes the forks and Showa makes the fluid, I would think the Showa stuff would work better. But I would also think that Honda would use oil for performance and durability, where Showa's would be more performanced based. It really depends more on the wieght of the oil not who makes it as to what you feel while you ride. I am not a suspension guru though. That's just my opinion. (opinion i.e. - guess)
  12. nastyDub

    Ultimate CRF450R Motard........... ?

    Search Supermoto Junkie for 'chrome-crf'. His machine is the best I've seen! http://photobucket.com/albums/v137/chrome-crf/CRF450%20supermoto/ Here are his pics. Daaaaaamn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. nastyDub

    Rack for the X

    Do a search on Supermoto Junkie for 'chrome-crf' and 'crf durability'. Some really good info on making the bike street worthy, especially highway. I run a 14/47 but ride mostly in town. chrome runs a 13/40 or something like that, but has the ponies to back it. Hope this helps.
  14. nastyDub

    Best Stator for Lighting

    My buddy bought a stator from ElectrexUSA for his 02 CRF450, and it works great (2 years and going). I've e-mailed all three about a stator for my 450X and they all got back to me in a day or two. Drop them a line.
  15. nastyDub

    Is the Q2 the quietest?

    What pipes are the quietest with the best performance gains? How do these compare to stock 450X sound levels? I know fast = loud, but there has to be a middle ground