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  1. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    Buying a bike out of state

    That's pretty good...but about the same as OTD's "6999" with tax for us here in Taxafornia. Cool that he called to follow up.
  2. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    Buying a bike out of state

    What was the price on the '08 450?
  3. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    07 YZ 450F vs 07 KTM 300XC for OFFROAD

    He's pretty much nailed it here... I've had the 02 YZ250 too. And used to ride with a guy that have NOTHING but a string of KTM 300's. For offroad the 300 is a great "do it all" bike. The longer the ride the better you'll like it... That said I prefer the "quicker" nature of the YZ250. As cheap as the 2 strokes are selling for used... you should pick one up and give it a try! While you still can!
  4. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    2007 CR250 Bad Rating

    It's pretty much been covered. I bleed Honda red as well.. but if you want a 2 stroke 250. Buy the YZ250 and be happy. If the plastics wearing gets you down... put one of the old school black and yellow kits on it. The yellow holds up well.
  5. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    Dead 03 Crf 450!!!! Why??????

    Yup and everytime you start it you're damaging things further... You can't wish it well...
  6. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    What is the Best pipe for the 05 crf450r

    "Best" realitive term... is highest peak HP "best"? Dirt Rider did some pipe shootouts a while back... They gave letter grades based on overall performance. From Memory, DR. D and Pro Circuit did well.... OBTW - shouldn't you ask this question BEFORE you buy a pipe?
  7. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    CR125 or CR250 for second bike...

    Interesting... I've owned '01 CR250, '02YZ250 and still have my '04CRF250. The CRF250 has made me faster on the track! And I can cut faster laps on most tracks on the 250F than the 450F. Glen Helen is a different story! I'd love to have a YZ250 again to ride back to back to the CRF250! That would be a close battle IMHO.... The YZ was MUCH easier ( better power band) that the CR250. The resale market on 2 smokes is in the TANK.... you could sure make a good deal on one and they are sooooo cheap to maintain! That said, the CRF250 is the most fun to ride of any bike I've EVER owned...and I've owned a bunch...
  8. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    Is the K&N worth the $80?

    Like other's here have said... hard to go wrong with the stock filter:thumbsup: With some shopping you could be 3 or 4 stock filters for $80! Or 8 Ready Filters. I use the Ready Filters, but I'm old and I had cleaning filters...
  9. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    For MX - To Use a Damper or Not to Use a Damper?

    Okay, I'm back after a year lay off from 3 broken ribs and a grade 3 AC separation. What's that got to do with running a Dampener for MX? If I'd been running one I WOULD NOT HAVE CRASHED. I was leading my moto one second and on the ground the next. I say again, I WOULD NOT HAVE CRASHED. Bold statement? People who saw me crash bars were ripped from my hands... The culprit was a little clay rut that had dried and hardened in a section of the RaceTown Vet track. Suspension, sure! Very important on both the performance and SAFETY fronts. I now consider a dampener "safety equipment" not just a "nice to have". If it's good enough for factory Honda, it's good enough for me. I've run dampeners in the past, I ride desert all the time and have had a dampener on my "desert" bikes most of the time. But I will have them on ALL my bikes from now on! So which one? The features I look at…. Adjust on the fly, High AND low speed dampening, Dampened or "free" return to center. For me, the two separate circuits - having BOTH high speed and low speed is the discriminator. Unless you are factory Honda and your dampener monitors the ECU to modify the amount of dampening "on the fly". GPR - Great service, nice unit but no High speed circuit and dampens on return to center which I don't like… RRT - Seal leaking issues ( do a search on this site… ), can't be moved bike to bike and no High speed circuit. Wer - never seen one, so I can't say. Scott's - High and low speed circuit, no dampening to center. To me, the Scott's is the hands down winner…. If I can't have the factory Honda unit. Why? Because I can set it to "0" and I feel nothing…no difference from not running a dampener and it will still STOP a high speed hit from ripping the bars from my hands. It's the only unit that we can buy that has this feature. Plus, they are known for being bullet proof and can be moved from bike to bike. The new "sub" mount is what I'll be adding to both my CRF250 and CRF450 before I see another track day.
  10. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    Wanting to move up 450 or 250smoker! Help

    Young, Fit, light = 250. Old, outa shape, heavy -> 450 is much easier to ride. I raced a couple of seasons outdoors on a YZ250. The 250 takes much less care and cheap to race. Some of it also depends on the tracks you race. Small and tight favor the 250...fast and open -> 450. If you really want to know...you can pick up a used 03-05YZ250 CHEAP. Put some laps on it and see for yourself. If you don't like it...dump it and move on to the 450F.
  11. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    07 problem??

    Hopefully you'll give 610 a run for his money on the RED bike....
  12. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    Number plate #s and background for 05's

    The last set of Decal Works I bought we're a PITA to mount....If I need a "mounting kit" why should I pay EXTRA? How can you comment on "quality" if you've never seen them? I've seen a set mounted. If I put Decal Works on one and Attack on the other....and covered the logos...you CAN'T tell the difference. We are talking HALF the price...oh and you can pick the font you like, get a pin stripe and your name on them for NO EXTRA charge. Decal charges extra for those.... If you've got EXTRA money, can I have some?
  13. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    Ca. Red Sticker ?

    They've already PUNTED once - '97 to '02 on the green sticker. I don't know ANYONE that has got a ticket for sticker violation! And I really doubt you would unless you didn't have ANY sticker or were riding in a closed area, no sparkey....or failed the "attitude" test with a Ranger. ANYBODY KNOW OF SOMEONE GETTING CITED?
  14. I run the F3's so my arches don't hurt from hard landings.
  15. Chris_in_the_Mojave

    Skid plate's

    I had an E-line on my YZ400. I don't know about the other brands but the E-line wasn't really "Carbon Fiber". They are a couple of layers of CF over fiberglass. I never bought another...I never broke but I was always worried about it. I think you'll be happest in the long run with Aluminum.