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  1. mrriggs

    What is the leverage ratio of a KTM?

    This is what I put together. http://www.gofastforless.com/junk/Swingarm_Calculator.xls It's interesting to see how much effect small changes have.
  2. mrriggs

    What is the leverage ratio of a KTM?

    That doesn't show any actual leverage ratio numbers but the rear wheel force numbers for the stock spring match my calculations pretty closely. Since the rear wheel force is calculated from the leverage ratio then I think it's safe to say all the math is right. Thanks for the link.
  3. I'm designing my own linkless suspension and put together a spreadsheet for calculating leverage ratio based on swingarm and shock angles. I've plugged in the numbers for a KTM 250 XC [as best as I could measure off a picture] and I'm getting a leverage ratio of ~3.5 at rest that only goes to ~3.0 when compressed. I know that a linkless suspension isn't as progressive as a linked setup but I expected it to change more than that. Do these numbers sound right? There is a lot of talk about leverage ratios but very little hard numbers of what they actually are.
  4. mrriggs

    More about your stock CDI- update

    Noble just brought this to my attention again. I was realy close to having it working, the box would drive the CDI, just needed to hook the CDI output back into the box. Seems like a shame to let all that work go to waste. If anyone wants to donate a CDI to the cause I could finish this thing up.
  5. mrriggs


    I live in east Vancouver, few blocks from Cascade Park. Don't have any pics of the bike other than the shots of my tach. The rest is just stock, all the way down to the reflector hanging off the back.
  6. mrriggs


    Yep, and the hot grips which are epoxied on. Figured I'd just watch ebay and craigs list for someone selling a rack, bars with hot grips and, if they are stupid enough, a tach.
  7. mrriggs


    It's a yellow '05 SM. Vin JS1SK44A852101449. Only mods are; heated hand grips, analog tach (see avatar), Tonns rack, and the cheesy black plastic hand gaurds from Suzuki. Everything else is as it came from the dealer.
  8. mrriggs


    People like that do worse to themselves everyday. Save the bullet, shortening their pathetic existence would only be doing them a favor. The steering was locked and I had a cable through the back wheel and frame. Obviously that doesn't slow them down at all but at least I had something to tell the insurance guy so he doesn't think I just handed the guy the keys.
  9. mrriggs

    Cheap analog tach!

    The adapter worked but was a bit erratic at times since it was triggered by the flyback voltage. I added a couple parts so it would be triggered by the big negative pulse of the CDI, now it is rock solid reliable. I was surprised to see what RPM I was actually spinning. It was between five and six thousand when just cruising, it didn't sound like it was moving that fast. No wonder the rev limiter sneaks up like it does.
  10. mrriggs


    Actually, it was working great. Did have to revise the adapter a bit though. I hope the new owner appreciates how much work went into it.
  11. mrriggs


    My SM was stolen today! I rode it home from work on monday morning then hopped in my truck and went to my girlfriend's. Came home this morning at 9am and the bike was gone. Talked to my neighbor and he said it was there when he came home at 2am. Oh well, I just hope I don't get back a mangled up mess.
  12. mrriggs

    Cheap analog tach!

    Good news, my girlfriend kicked me out so now I have time to work on the tach adapter. First I hooked the tach to my function generator to figure out what kind of signal it needs. Basically it will work with any kind of signal that goes over 5 volts for at least 300 microseconds. So this tach should work hooked to just about anything. Why didn't it work then? The CDI pulse is only 40 microseconds! I tried making a passive adapter to stretch out the signal but it would have effected the rise time of the coil. When I tweaked it so it wouldn't effect the ignition then it wasn't strong enough to drive the tach. Went back to the drawing board and came up with this. It's small enough it could be put inside the tach. My tach is already glued together so I'll just put the adapter in-line. Gonna put it on the bike tomorrow, already know it will work but I'll let you know how it turns out anyway.
  13. mrriggs

    Cheap analog tach!

    I'm still around. Haven't ridden the bike in a while so this has been pushed to the back burner, out of sight out of mind. I wanted to get my CDI tester working first so I could use it to drive the tach from the comfort of my couch. Nearly done with the tester, have been for some time, just need to order a few parts and solder it all together. Now that Christmas is over I should be able to get back at it.
  14. mrriggs

    What is your favorite bike ?

    This was my Superhawk, I think Honda designed it especially for me. The perfect blend of everything I used a bike for. With the Staintune pipes it is the best sounding bike I have ever heard, no exageration. Traded it for a minivan, the guy I traded with dumped the bike the same day. The only winner in this story is my girlfriend who not only got me off "the death machine", but also got a nice van out of the deal.
  15. mrriggs

    Throttle tube removal?

    Definitely get a new tube. Even after you get the stock grip off you still need to cut down the ridge on the tube so the new grip will slide on all the way. I did mine and have the blisters and bloody knuckles to prove it. If I had know what a time consuming pain it would be before I started then I would have just bought a new tube and been done with it.