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    Best way to sell bike

    You guys are right. I agreed to sell him the bikes to one of these guys. Here's what I wrote, have not heard from him since! Got three more of this type of email this morning from diffrent scammers. Very annoying! "No problem with your balance as long as shipping does not exceed the remaining $3000. I will have to say, this sort of transaction is different for me. I’m used to someone viewing vehicles before closing the transaction. However, I’m a private party and do not deal in motorcycles for profit in any way, these were our family motorcycles and now we're getting quads! Necessary information follows. How and when will I receive payment. Accept this acknowledgement that the combined selling price for the: 2004 XR650r and 2004 XR70 and 2003 XR100 is $7,000.00 US Dollars. And that any remaining funds will be used for shipping costs AFTER CHECK CLEARS AND CASH IS IN MY HANDS." Thanks All Jeff
  2. jeffahart

    Best way to sell bike

    I agree with you guys. If I get money order and bucks in bank I'll deal. BTW, I had the bikes in the Recycler and this has been the only bite. I'm going with the other suggestions also. Thanks Jeff
  3. jeffahart

    Best way to sell bike

    I just got an offer from someone in a foriegn country to buy all three bikes. He is giving me selling price plus an extra $3000 for shipping. This makes me kina nervous! I'm used to people coming to my house and scrutnizing and riding bike before buying! Anyone ever have offer from foriegn country? Thanks Jeff
  4. jeffahart

    Best way to sell bike

    I'm selling my 650r, and two other XRs a 100 and 70. Where is the best place to list the bikes for sale? Thanks Jeff