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  1. Dirty Joe

    04 KX250 Jetting help

    I dropped the needle to the last position and went one size down on the pilot and it runs pretty nice.
  2. Dirty Joe

    KX250 for woods racing ??'s

    I have the 04 KX 250 and its a great woods racer. The trails I ride are really tight so i added a FWW and man what a diffrence, it luggs great and still has plenty of power for when you wanna go.
  3. Dirty Joe

    Gaskets - Your opinions

    I'm about to do the top end on my 2004 KX 250. I see there is a Moose top end gasket kit for $28 and a Cometic kit for $40 and also Versah is pretty cheap. Is there any reason to spend the extra dough? Has anyone ever had problems with cheaper Gaskets?
  4. Dirty Joe

    British Columbia riding - where to go this weekend

    I was thinking of going to Vedder tomorrow. Hope the weather hold out.