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  1. I have had crappy luck with a set of Moose seals. Leaked right away. My suggestion is Pro X seal and wiper kit. I believe its cheaper than oem, and same exact thing. At least it has the same markings (letters/numbers) on the bottom of the seal.
  2. My opinion... coming off a 2007 CRF450 to the 2009 YZ450F, I love the Yami so much more. Suspension is great stock. Power is mellow, but I will say it helps me during a race. I can race the YZ harder than the Honda. The only change I made to the bike was going up 1 tooth on the rear sprocket. That is a great price and YZF's are tried and true.
  3. I have had the same problem too. 2009 yz450f for me. Sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't. You can hear the sucking noise from the hose. Also, at times there is dirt collecting on the top of the front fender from the gas running down the steering stem. No idea why this is happening.
  4. I was there this past weekend. It was a little muddy after the thaw, but definitely rideable. A few years ago they would groom alot more. But Sunday the track wasn't groomed. Not that that's a bad thing. It is a motocross track. How can you beat $20 to ride and not sitting around for 1hour+ to ride. Plus no crowd.
  5. The track is way better than Motorama. The track has real whoops, but they aren't SX whoops, and a decent rhythm section. They do not know how to build a track at Motorama.
  6. It hasn't gotten as cold here like it usually is in the winter. It can vary from 35-40 degrees to 60 degrees right now. And I am just running premium pump fuel.
  7. Thanks kelstr. The KXF was an 06. I thought, with the PC pipe, it was really smooth and pulled great. Not snappy at all. Have you had to change the main jet on the 07?
  8. I have owned my 07 CRf450 since November and I love it. Tons of bottom end. I rode my buddies KXF450 on Sunday, it I noticed that I didn't have to shift as much on the KX as I do my CRF. The KXF had a Pro Circuit pipe on it. So I don't think the 07 CRF has much top end. Anyone else think this? What can I do to get some top end on this bike? I know pipes, cams, stuff like that. What kind of pipe? I know all pipes provide different charachteristics. This bike can afford to give up some bottom end IMO. A cam would probably be the cheapest mod. Any suggestions?
  9. Blackmans Cycle Center in Emmaus, PA. It's about 1 1/2 hours from Harrisburg, but if you want a good price give them a call. 610-965-9865
  10. True, but you also don't have to work as hard to go fast on a 450 as you do a 250F. Besides how many laps are local races, 4?
  11. My opinion... If you race and you want to do well, and you race in a class that most of your comp is on a 450, get the 450. I just moved up to the 450 from the 250f and I race in the 25+ class (open). The 450 will take some getting used to but I know I made the right decision.
  12. I went down to Seaford for practice yesterday. The track was mint! Very little mud. I haven't been down there since March. I love the dirt there. Were any of you guys out there yesterday? It was a very light turnout.
  13. take your $50 to Delaware or WV.... your money will be better spent on practice tracks down there.
  14. Seaford in Delaware. Snake Creek in Delaware. Not sure about Rocket Raceway.
  15. Thanks for the response Thumper. I did a search for snake creek and I found another thread on it. Guess I should have done that before I started this thread. I am definitely hitting that track up in the next few weeks. I was planning on going Sunday, but there are not open until 2pm.