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  1. rineholio

    Chinese engine to swap into an XR 100 frame?

    Search "DR ATV" and from there you can begin research into dropping Chinese engines into Jap bikes. Know this. There is no such thing as a drop-in. Plus you have to know electrical. If you don't, forget the whole endeavor or be ready to learn.
  2. I'd go Gas Gas or Montesa 315. Good parts supply, "lots" of used bikes in good shape. Montesa is known for rock-solid build and being a little heavier. Gas Gas lightest but sometimes durability problems, at least five years ago. Today? You'd want a 15% heavier rear spring if you get a 02-04 Montesa (essentially identical models). The bike will be much springier and feel lighter. Buy a cherry bike from someone who tried trials but never rode much. You'll be a happy camper. They're a blast to ride. They all have more power than you need or can use in competition-unless you can compete nationally!
  3. rineholio

    Trials Tires - What do you guys recommend?

    Don't use a trials tire on your WR. I have a buddy who tried it on a KTM 520 when all the BS about using a trials bike tire on a regular dirtbike came out. He destroyed it quickly and hated it compared to a regular dirtbike tire. I ride Michelins, but I'm going to try a Dunlop next time-maybe.
  4. My two cents: 1. If you never tow, go gas. 2. A 250 will ride rough and bounce down the wonderful freeway expansion joints and any other bump you hit unless it is loaded to the t*ts or you've got a significant trailer behind it. 3. A 150 is way less heavy duty, and sprung for a nice ride. Good for "light" trailer towing, home depot runs... 4. Get a 4 door. 5. Get a long bed too (if you can) if you don't mind parking way out and making wide turns in parking lots. Then you can haul 4x8 plywood and all kinds of stuff will fit in it with the tailgate up and you don't have to worry about it falling out. 6. Enjoy whatever you buy! P.S. I have a Dodge diesel. I tow a 30' toyhauler.
  5. rineholio

    HELP! rebuilding v8

    If you have the stock engine, I'd rebuild that, or else a 302 (67s came with a 289, I think). Everything will bolt right in and save you a lot of headaches. I'm not sure what you'd have to change to put a 390 in it. I know the factory did it, but they might have had a different radiator bracket to hold the larger radiator, and probably a different transmission and shift linkage/throttle linkage. The alternator might be the other side requiring another wiring loom or part of one-which I'm sure you can buy. You'd need stiffer front springs for sure. The exhaust manifolds could be different, and if you install headers the plugs might never get changed again! You could be buying or scavenging a lot of parts. If it's your first swap, you might get in over your head. You get the idea? If you do it. Do a lot of research first. P.S. I know that it's a horrible job to change some of the plugs on a 390 installed in a Mustang. I'm old and have done it. I just can't remember which plugs were the worst. An older Mustang is pretty light and they're a blast to drive with a warm/hot 289 or 302. I wouldn't worry about aluminum heads or porting the stock ones. You'll get more power, but not as much as you think. My father-in-law installed AFR heads on his racing 'vette and it had a hair more top end but until it was wound up to 5000 rpm or so you really didn't notice. I can't remember the formula, but you need quite a bit of extra horsepower to decrease your quarter mile time by 1/10 of a second. In the end, choosing a small block or big block is sort of like the difference between a YZ250 and a CR500. The CR is a blast to ride for a while, but then you want the nimbleness of the YZ, and it's still a fast ride. My two cents.
  6. rineholio

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    CR500 and an ECHO weed eater that you can actually hear and feel come up on the pipe.
  7. rineholio

    What songs get you PUMPED!!!

    Aerosmith-Sweet Emotion, Train Kept a Roll'n, Walk this Way, Entire Rocks Album AC/DC-Lots, but Whole Lotta Rosie is my favorite. Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized Led Zepplin-Lots, Bring it on Home is awesome. Later, I have to go play some tunes! P.S. Why yes, I am old, my left knee is bad, I'm getting slower, but I can still kick start my CR500.
  8. rineholio

    oil pump anyone?

    I barely even trust new oil pumps. I would never buy used.
  9. rineholio

    2000 Ktm 380 Mxc

    I rode my buddie's brand new 2002. You won't be hurting for power. If you compared it to a CR 500, I think you'd find less low end (still a lot) and that it would rev out further. It was very fast. More of a powerband like a 250. The suspension was harsh when I rode it, but it was brand new.
  10. rineholio

    The new hydro bike!!!! pretty awsome

    "Everyone" is "hot" for hydrogen, but at some point you know someone is going to explode in a ball of flames due to a malfunction. Oh well, they'll work the bugs out in California, and we have too many people here anyhow. Plus, maybe it will be a green who hates dirtbikers!
  11. rineholio

    Riding, no more, for now...details...

    Like others said, try trials. Find a group of people you like to camp with. Lots of kids ride trials and they have kid trials just for them where they can ride a 50 or whatever. Trials can be as competitive as you want, and it's still relatively safe. The occassional cast is about all I've ever seen. It's a lot easier on your body than pounding through the desert for a weekend, and it allows you to start fresh building a lot of new motorcycling skills. You still get the feel, just not the speed.
  12. rineholio

    Cracked fuel tank (pics)

    I'm still laughing about balls being on fire. Get it replaced or buy the bigger tank. Your balls are too valuable!
  13. rineholio


    I think this is a great thread. Jumps are cool, but think about its affect on the sport. It limits riders than can participate, and the u-turn thing, jump, jump is accurate. By the way, riders who can make big jumps aren't necessarily as great as they think they are. Most eat it hard eventually, (most of my friends-I'm 44 now), even our favorite pros and when it comes to mountain riding and trials, I'd like to see them try with some of the guys I ride with, or even my on a good day. Not a challenge-just written to make a point. Jumping is only one skill. Nobody riding offroad ever fell too far behind the group becaue they couldn't make a jump. (Well, probably not) I also doubt you'll see a lot of the guys who can do the triples doing any backflips either. When you think about the sport of dirtbike riding, I think you have to consider how the track affects overall numbers of riders. I've seen many threads where fathers are reluctant to let their kids ride. Their nuts shrink when they see their kid clear a double or another kid crash and burn. You have to experience that to feel it. I think there would be alot more riders if the tracks weren't huge jump oriented. I think there should be some jumps, but I think there should be a lot more varied terrain which require more than acceleration, braking, whoops, and jumping. In the lower ranks, and average dirtbike rider should be able to compete in a class where they don't feel like a dickweed if they can't clear a double. The course has to be doable, but technical with regard to riding skills. Well, that's my two cents. Maybe not worth that much. P.S. I think that entertainment drives motocross and especially supercross. The businesses making money off it want to attract the largest audience they can. They don't care about the riders. The more thrilling to more people the better. Who cares if the rider lasts like and NFl football player. Jump jump u-turn is the formula. It doesn't take much acerage either.
  14. rineholio

    WR 450 Maintenance

    What was this thread about? I can't remember anymore.
  15. rineholio

    POLL: What brand of bike do you own?

    At the moment? Two Hondas, a Suzuki, and a Montesa.