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  1. trix-storm

    KTM manual

    thanks a lot i'll be sure to check that out and much appreciated for the help. this is actually for my buddy's bike and we're just tryin to find out wat's wrong with the powervalve but thanks soo much.
  2. trix-storm

    KTM manual

    i dont need a entire maual just the diagram of the power valve if possible. Thank you, please reply
  3. trix-storm

    KTM manual

    having a hard time finding this i've searched plenty of other sites no luck since its hard to find good or any bit of info for this bike. im lookin for a 2003 ktm 125 sx manual. just need some info on the power valve assembly... anyone got one i could get from them? just hoping i could get something on this thanks in advance.
  4. ok, i've searched and found stuff that helped a little but im still having trouble as far as how exactly and wat to adjust the valves to on my 01 yz426, and once done with that how to get the cams back in and timed perfectly. i do not have a manual so doin this from personal knowledge as been a pain in the ass. i was wondering if someone could help me out with this, pages from a manual, wat ever, just something. im having a hell of a time. thanks in advance.