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  2. Yeah, looks like you guys are right. I've been doing some reading up on this in the last few hours and there doesn't seem to be any real benefit unless you're experiencing detonation. Appreciate the feedback- -Busa196-
  3. I've got some Torco fuel additive that I use in my race car and was wondering if there's any advantage to using it in my CR? I did a search on this and found a lot of info on this topic with the 4-strokes, but not the 2 strokes? What do you guys think? Thanks in advance. -Busa196-
  4. uhhhhh, nevermind. I just did a search and found what I need to know.......told you I was a newbie
  5. Hi guys- I just bought a 2002 CR250 and noticed that the bars are just a hair crooked. Can anyone let me know how to straighten them? It's not the bars that are bent as I originally thought because I just bought a set of ProTapers today, installed them, and their still crooked. Many thanks in advance for any help -Busa196-