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  1. sparkes189

    less tired?

    I ride a minimum of twice a week, just got back actually. I have been going to the gym for 2 months until i sprained my ancle off a three-stager, then the gym kind of faded. I appreciate the feedback, thanks guys.. I'll try it and let you know how it goes. Thanks againnnn
  2. sparkes189

    less tired?

    Hey, im 16 and 150lbs.. I can't do a hard 15 minute moto. I wear a thick neck brace, kidney belt, knee and elbow pads, and the rest of that stuff. I get tired and exhausted so easily, and I cant even hold onto the 250f after 4 hard laps. Do you think if I were to not wear some of this gear then I should be able to last longer? I know i probably just need more practice, but I still get too tired to hang on. Any advice?
  3. sparkes189

    what should I buy?

    again, im a newbie to this stuff and dont do any of my own work (15 years old =\), i just ride the bike lol so forgive me for being dumb What's a Zip TY Fuel Screw do? And not to be rude, im just curious what's wrong with the stock chain and sprocket? thanks alot guys, u all helped me ALOT!
  4. sparkes189

    Pics of my bike

    Nice bike, congrats!
  5. sparkes189

    what should I buy?

    Thanks guys, I think I'm going to get my suspension done, and get the bike jetted. I don't know anything about this stuff at all so is there a top of the line jetting kit? if so, what is it? thanks again
  6. sparkes189

    what should I buy?

    Well i'll be racing it on the canadian circuit, mostly all hard packed dirt tracks. If that helps you in any way. I don't know what else so say, haha thanks
  7. sparkes189

    what should I buy?

    I just got a new 50th anniversary 06 yz250f for christmas, just coming off of a yz85... I have about $500 to waste one the bike (I know its not much,but...), I have no idea what I should get, any suggestions? also, is there anything i should do to the bike that doesnt include buying parts to help its performance? 4stroke newbie thanks
  8. sparkes189

    125 - 250f maintenance comparison

    Allright, thanks alot guys... One last question, how much would it cost for a new top end if i put it in myself, and i did it before it blew up?
  9. I race a '05 YZ85 right now, and all that i have to do to it is change the oil, clean the air filter and other basic things until it's time to change the top end. I'm getting a new '06 YZ250f next winter and was wondering what else would i have to do for the maintenance? would i have to adjust the valves, or anything you wouldn't have to do on a 2-stroke? Thanks
  10. sparkes189

    best oil?

    what would the best oil be for a 2006 yz250f be, price isnt a factor thanks
  11. sparkes189

    Few questions on future 2006 yz250f

    by repair i mean, if it blows up before you put a new top end in it, how much will it cost. and how much will it cost for a new top end if it doesnt blow up?
  12. are they suppose to last longer than older yz250f bike engines? are they expensive to repair? how much apx.? what changes are made for the better?