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  1. YoungR

    Up set stomach

    If you feel sick after a moto then your riding the way you should. This is very common after a hard ride. Shoot watch a wrestling meet or other sports and youll see people throwing up. You have just pushed your body to its limits. It could be something else but I would just keep training as hard as possible. Nervousness can cause stomach problems as well.
  2. YoungR


    Im using me33's 130-16 in rear and a 110-16 in the front i think. I have the old comp K compound in the rear. This combo is very grippy but kinda $$$.
  3. YoungR

    Header Tape - Where ??

    I wrapped mine all the way til under the plate. It makes the area a lot cooler and made more power for me because I run a k&n off the carb right above the pipe.
  4. YoungR

    How to check rings?

    Slighlty open oil fill while kicking or running and feel if it blows air or oil out. That will tell you if the crank case is being pressurized by blowby from bad rings. If not look in to valve oil seals.
  5. YoungR

    4 stroke montesa

    ^^^^ heavily thought out.
  6. YoungR

    Chest Protecter Fit.

    ''Roost" protector.
  7. YoungR

    where to get super motard tires?

    How much money u got? the dunlop 501 or the bridgestone bt45's are the way to go. Personaly I run me33s with a comp k on the rear.
  8. YoungR

    jump question for Gary

    You should do both, learning to land on a down slope is the name of the game in mx. But landing on flats if very important as well.
  9. YoungR

    Is it still worth it?

    Dont ride that till theres a real box in place.
  10. YoungR

    How to remount after crash?

    Sounds like you need to stop running into people.
  11. YoungR

    new scorpa 4 stroke

  12. YoungR

    My 100 might go

    Some old pics without the front wheel or tires
  13. YoungR

    Attempting a ''Bubba Scrub''?

    Does anyone have a pic of another rider on that same jump?
  14. YoungR

    Lips that would need lip balm!

    Gawdam this budlight make me sound chinese.......hahahahahh
  15. YoungR

    Lips that would need lip balm!

    I know jump that sound like that and to me i think its in my head. Just hammer it and stay loose then correct yourself in the air. Thinking about to much tends to screw me up.