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  1. jammybastard

    belgium masters bilstain --- MONKEYPICS---

    nice flashing on the front fender. sure makes me nervous when that many white people are all in one place watching me...
  2. jammybastard

    Shawano WI WCSM Pics!

    nice track. but i couldn't tell who was in the lead, no numbers on most of those guys.
  3. jammybastard

    Hey Darrick

    with the dirt section or all pavement?
  4. jammybastard

    Is this a good sportsman class tire?

    best front i've used is the pirelli scorpion m/t and i got a wr 18" rear wheel for my yzf so i run a dunlop k180 dirt track tire that only comes in 18" rear. the other guys run the maxxis 19" dirt track tire.
  5. jammybastard

    EBC vs Moto-Master Discs for sportman's set-up

    i race with the 280mm ebc rotor and have no trouble with power and feel. the extra weight is what worried me with the braking and motomaster rotors - they are bigger diameter and almost twice as thick. a 21" front has a bit harder time swapping direction already. the other big factor is that a full height soggy moto crosser gets all tied in knots trying to out break full motard set up bikes. try revalving your suspension - works great.
  6. jammybastard

    Cool Motard Video

    pasarella's got to be 100lbs. soaking wet. if he gets to be as big as his dad he'll be toast. better start him on big cigars and booze while he's young. if he trusted the front end even a little he would have run away with that race.
  7. sorry if this has been covered recently, this is my first time on. i was under the impression that i could order a yz450f exhaust cam and install it right into my 99 yz400f to get the benefit of the automatic decompressor. the differences are that the tooth shape on the sprocket won't let the chain sit down as far - suspect a different chain style is in the 450. the sprocket looks like it's pressed on but can't be swapped because all the decomp stuff fits with it. the lobes are narrower (no big deal) the base circle is .010" bigger, that just means a different range of shims, there's a tiny bit more lift and less dwell (the lobe is narrower and pointier) i guess that makes it a torque cam, but the timing may be different, the dots line up in a different place. any help? someone out there knows how this has been done before. i'm worried about my friends not being able to do the starting drill as we're using my bike in the supermoto team race this saturday!