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  1. crappyklr

    Thoughts on the Ford F250

    Here's a response from a past owner of a 6.0. Run away and don't look back. I had a completely stock truck that spent more time in the shop than it did on the street. It was a beautiful truck, but the motor (and front end in mine), is a terrible piece. After 40k of troubles I traded it for another truck. Even finding a dealer who would take the 6.0 was a chore. It's reputation precedes the truck. They found die hard Ford guy who wanted my truck and was blinded by the blue oval. I have had many friends, co-workers etc that have owned these trucks in varying years and not one is happy. I can't count how many times these guys have called for a ride after their PSD left them stranded. Most of those trucks have been sold or scrapped by now. You'll notice there are alot of them for sale...and there's a reason for that. I know there are some owners who don't have problems with their 6.0's. Like I said, the truck was beautiful and I think Ford builds a fine product, but the 6.0 diesel (built by Navistar), isn't one of them. Just look at all the law-suits involving the 6.0 between Navi and Ford. It's ridiculous. Good luck with your decision.
  2. crappyklr

    MXC Tank Graphics

    The Flatland rad guards fit up fine and seem sturdy. I haven't had the opportunity to crash them much but my time will come. Some guys say they've had problems with the fit. I run their guards and skid plate and am happy so far.
  3. crappyklr

    450 xc new bike bog & gas cap?

    I'm not a mechanic, but the JD jet kit will help that bike a ton. I have an '07 450XC with the Honda AC pump and the James Dean jet kit. You have to jet it anyway, so get the JD and jet it to his specs for your area. BTW - James Dean himself rides an '06 450XC!!! Oh ya, the stock gas cap issue is something that has haunted alot of newer KTM bikes. I haven't had a problem with mine but I haven't had it long. I am also now running a Clarke tank so hopefully I won't have any issues.
  4. crappyklr

    Drown a DRZ

    Yup. Just did the regular things to get her going again. Tipped up the bike, pulled the plug and turned it over until the water pumped out. Then squeezed out the air filter, drained the float boal and about 30-40 kicks later, she was running again. I hope my new KTM is reliable as the old DRZ (actually, mines an '03 KLX 400)
  5. crappyklr

    Kickstart kit

    I have an '03 KLX 400 and installed the factory Suzuki kickstart kit. It was pretty straight forward. The KLX is just a DRZ in a green suit.
  6. crappyklr

    DRz400E street legal conversion parts list

    Just what I was waiting for. Thanks Gusaroo!!! My KLX may become street legal!!!
  7. crappyklr

    Good, bad, ugly....

    I've heard good and bad things about the Unabiker. I use the Works Connection rad braces and my rads are still straight after many many get offs. Of course, I've heard good and bad things about the Works Connection braces as well. Where in AB are ya? When I was in Calgary, I rode Mclean Creek and Waiporous all the time. Now that I'm in the Edmonton area, we usually ride Cadomin, Nordegg, Robb and the Rocky Mtn House area. BTW - we ride the same bike as well...but mine is green.
  8. crappyklr

    jd jetting DRZ/KLX

    Thanks Burned. Another happy customer!!!
  9. I will be purchasing the JD jet kit for my 2003 KLX 400E from the TT store. After searching, I've found similar set ups but not exactly like mine. Just wondering what the specs should be for my bike, 5500 + ft with stock pipe After receiving the kit, I will: remove snorkel and coast enrichener Also, is the fuel screw adjuster a good purchase for this bike? Anything else I should consider for now? I will be purchasing a new dirt bike next year and my KLX will become a DS or maybe a SM project bike. Obviously, the big changes will occur then. Thanks in advance!!!
  10. crappyklr

    05 WR450 vs 03/04 WR450F vs KLX400

    What could be better than a green bike in your garage?!?!? I also own an '03 KLX 400 that I've been trail riding for a couple of years now. I am also very interested in a new WR as my KLX wears me out on the trails after chasing my buddies on CRF 450's, KTM's and a few two strokes. From what I know about them, the WR is pretty bulletproof and you won't regret the decision if you get one. It would make a fun dualsport but I think, for any distance riding, you'd be happier with the even more bulletproof DRZ/KLX. Low maintenance, decent power and a really good SM bike for the odd track day. That's my plan anyway Don't believe all the negative talk about the 400. Yes, it is a little outdated but who cares?!? It's a solid bike that will last for years without the valve problems etc you see so often with new higher revving 4 strokes. That being said, my plan is to DS the KLX ('cause it isn't worth anything anymore on the used market), and get a new WR (only because Kawi doesn't make anything equivalent) for trail riding. My KLX has me worn out after a half day and I'm 6'1" 220lbs and in good shape.