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  1. freakshow999

    TM supermotard for street use

    I thought I read on one of the euro boards that they completely reworked the motors for this years models. What I'd really like is the 125 2 smoke smr but I'd never be able to get it legal in Cali
  2. freakshow999

    TM supermotard for street use

    http://www.tmracing.it/eng/modello.php?id_moto=35&anno=2006 This one does and I was looking at it also....
  3. freakshow999

    TM Parts source in USA

    Ping for Dan I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago regarding the availability of parts for my TM and never heard anything back I originally contacted Pete (US distributor) directly because he is only 20 minutes away from me and he directed me to you....let me know if you didn't get the email. Thanks, Sean
  4. freakshow999

    TM 125 spark arrester pipe?

    Oh yeah I forgot. I sent Dan an email last week per Pete at TM USA but haven't gotten a reply back. I'll try calling this week when I have time during business hours.
  5. freakshow999

    TM 125 spark arrester pipe?

    I made an FMF Turbine II universal work and look pretty good so I'm set on that I still can't believe how hard it pulls I've only been doing trail stuff but running non technical hard pack this weekend I still only got it topped out in 4th and was hauling azz...lol for a dirt noob
  6. freakshow999

    TM 450 smx injected???

    I believe the 125 is somewhere between 35-38hp. I know the same motor they use for the karts is running that in stock trim and higher with a bit of tuning. I could be wrong though I can't seem to find the site I read it on last month....
  7. freakshow999

    TM 125 spark arrester pipe?

    Hello all... So I bought a 2001 TM 125mx. I jumped through a bunch of hoops with the CA DMV and got it titled and green stickered. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could pick up a spark arrester pipe for it? I know FMF has a universal one available but I wanted to see if anyone made a bike specific pipe for it. I took it out for the first time this last Saturday and was thoroughly impressed with the bike. It pulls hard for a 125 and the ohlins forks were just unreal! Thanks to many of the opinions expressed about the TM's on this site sealed the deal for me on buying it that and I think I really couldn't beat the price! Anywho... TIA