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    Props to Unabiker

    Just wanted to pay a compliment to Brian at Unabiker. I just purchased a pair of these from the TT store for my new DRZ-E, and unfortunately when I went to install them noticed that one of the guard support rods wasn't threaded. I sent Unabiker an email describing my issue. Brian contacted me right away (after business hours) to inform me that a replacement rod was on its way-- that's great customer service. Just wanted to share the experience for those thinking about purchasing these radiator guards.
  2. Will a header from a 650L fit on an early model 600? I've got an 88 with the old style header and noticed the exhaust options to be limited, unless you're going to change out the header & tail pipe. I was hoping to fit a header from a 650L and an aftermarket pipe. The 650L headers are usually cheaply listed on ebay.