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  1. Ocho Hill

    Dunes Trip: October?

    Scoob, I have a trip to Glamis the 17th and another one around Halloween. The 17th is a car trip and the halloween trip is with team coors light. Both groups ride at an accelerated rate. Team coors rides for 10 minutes and drinks for 20 minutes. I am not kidding. The car trip is with guys I haven't been with before. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. Ocho Hill

    Difficult decision about going to Glamis

    Personally, I wouldn't change the filter at the dunes. I was told once that more dirt gets into a engine from changing the filter then from it being properly maintained. Just try not to eat a lot of roost. All that extreme maintanence takes the fun out of the dunes.
  3. Ocho Hill

    Lowering moment of inertia w/ tubeless rims?

    the big gains to that setup isn't suspension. For each pound less of rotating mass you'll get a factor times X less energy required to spin the tire. I remember a magazine stating they could ride a gear higher with the setup. It's probably BS and wouldn't matter much with the torgue of a 450, but on a 125 it could mean something. I am too old to remember the formula. EG you would rather lose weight at the tire than the hub because it requires more energy to spin the weight the farther from the center you go.
  4. Ocho Hill

    Crf 450 head shaving?

    If you have to ask how much to take off, then you have no business milling the head. This isn't a chevy V-8. The correct advice was given.
  5. Ocho Hill

    ET tomorrow 7/8

    Try the Whiplash Snowflake race on the first weekend of September. It's a good one to start with.
  6. Ocho Hill

    Cinders Race July 15

    Good luck. Every time I raced there, I said I was never going back. That race is about 2 things, how good of shape are you in and how long can you skim whoops.
  7. Ocho Hill

    horse power

    You don't know what you are talking about. Everyone else has tried to be polite. I am not. Cam profiles are different. Valve train is different. Exhaust is different. Intake is different. Ignition curve is different. Rotating mass is different. I have ridden both. I would say a yzf makes mid 30's hp while a wr is high 20's at best. The seat of the pants feel isn't even that close. Use the internet to study the specs before you mislead the naive.
  8. Ocho Hill

    AZ Thumpertalk track night @ canyon round 2???

    I bet ET would be willing to do something if there was enough participation. If someone organizes something like this please do it soon. We were blessed with a freak cold front last year. The temps were in the 90's.
  9. Ocho Hill

    AZ Thumpertalk track night @ canyon round 2???

    Can we please have it at ET. It's only fair to the east side riders. I didn't get home till 1:00 am last time. I would rather not support the new owners with something like this. Plus, the prep has been questionable lately.
  10. Ocho Hill

    Reed fans please give me you reasons now.

    Reed is one big crash from showing his intelligence. I thought that crash was last year at Daytona, or was it during the nationals. I can't remember. Think about it.
  11. Ocho Hill

    Two days in Moab.. Trail suggestions??

    The slick rock near Lion's Back. Don't let the mtn bikers worry you. Any hotel in town will have directions. I stayed at the Apache Hotel in the John Wayne Suite. If you need a lot of info. message me with your e-mail.
  12. Ocho Hill

    McGrath Holeshot - 2006

    He placed fourth. Because it was his last year(for real this time), they let him have a podium speech. It was very cool. Look for video of that.
  13. Ocho Hill

    Should've Went Faster!

    What an idiot. He either didn't count his gears or had no clue what he was doing. Natural selection strikes again.
  14. If that is aluminum, it wont last long.
  15. Ocho Hill

    moto rentals in hawaii?

    There was one on Kuai'i called Moto Hawai'i. It no longer exists. If you find a rental, rent the gear to. I took my gear and I still can't get the fungus smell out of my boots. The humidity is unbelievable. Once your boots are wet they will never dry. Good luck.