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  1. seijai2000

    what other spokes for Warp 9 wheel??

    How do you contact them? My wheel has done the same thing too. I'm trying to figure out an easy way to get better replacements.
  2. seijai2000

    So if YOU were buying an '08 CRF450R ....

    Probably would consider checking the forks and changing the oil (stuff smells pretty rancid like rotten fish). When I went to change out my fork springs for stiffer ones, both of my dampening rods would only extend less than half way after being pushed in fully. Honda said that was normal, but after rebleeding with new oil, they extended fully and work great. Heard from another TT member that he has seen this on quite a few new '08 bikes from the factory. Just a warning.
  3. seijai2000

    My 2008 ride report

    Finally got around to getting on the '08 this morning for about 30 minutes. It was great...since I'm comparing it to my '03. Rode around in some loose dirt/gravel out here in Arizona. I always felt like I was riding on slippery ice on my '03, but this thing sure makes you feel like you are planted firmly on the ground. The power from the engine is great and is smooth throughout. I had a big smile on my face after that ride.
  4. seijai2000

    to hone or not to hone...

    There have been alot of posts about this in the past. I just bought a ball hone and hooked it up to a hand drill and it worked great for deglazing the cylinder. It put nice cross hatches back in. It just takes about a second or two. It was only about $35 for it. Just do a search about this or google it and find one there.
  5. seijai2000

    Where is it legal to ride (North Phoenix)

    Not sure why the cops aren't worrying about drugs/burgularies/etc. They even have a decked out Rhino they ride around there now and someone even has a helicopter that chases people out of the area around the Dam. My friend said the helicopter landed and told him that his kid couldn't ride her CRF50 out there. That's good use of time and money. We were even stopped at the Circle K last winter and questioned by the cops regarding where we were going to ride. They were telling us about the fines/etc. They were doing it to all the riders stopping in for gas. When they told my friend they would ticket him for riding across a road, he asked if it was still ok to jump it. What a smart alec! The cop at least smiled at that one.
  6. I'm confused as to where its ok to ride these days. I'm located close to Lake Pleasant parkway (North Peoria/Glendale). I used to just ride my bike across the street (just north of Jomax), but the cops have left flyers all of the place with threats of fines/etc. Not worth the chance to me just for a short ride. Where should I go just to get out and ride? Can anyone tell me what's open and what's closed? Thanks.
  7. seijai2000

    08 fork problems....bike still never ridden

    So true....So True.
  8. seijai2000

    Help pricing '03 450r

  9. seijai2000

    08 fork problems....bike still never ridden

    I really appreciate the information about this....glad to see that I'm not crazy. Kind of irritating that the local shop and the so called "honda rep" are giving out poor information. Is there anyway to know if the rear shock has been setup improperly or should it just be redone also? I have been taking things apart to grease the linkage/etc so just curious while I've got it apart.
  10. seijai2000

    Help pricing '03 450r

    I'm looking to sell an '03 CRF450r, but not sure what's a fair price for them here in Arizona? It's in very good condition (never raced and adult owned)It's pretty much stock except for revalving of the forks, AP mod, and some number graphics (mainly to protect the plastic). The topend was redone recently w/ Kibblewhite valves and '04 piston. Tire are still very good condition (dunlops). What do you think?
  11. seijai2000

    08 fork problems....bike still never ridden

    Thanks so much for the quick refresher on the inner chambers. So did I just not break them in or were they not properly setup from factory? Guess it doesn't matter too much to me, but I'm wondering if they are not done right in the beginning how many others don't know that.
  12. seijai2000

    08 fork problems....bike still never ridden

    Talked with the local suspension guy and he didn't think that was the issue since they replace seals all the time and don't see that problem after that. He was concerned that they didn't fill with enough oil, but that that would be strange since both had the same problem and it would be unlikely to miss the quality control checks. The Honda rep that the local shop talked to said it was normal and to ride them so they could break in. Guess it won't hurt to try that and see what happens. Just seems odd to me and I hate to pay the bucks for a bike and wonder if things are alright.
  13. Just picked up an '08 CRF450r <1wk ago and haven't ridden it yet....yes I know that's not acceptable, but I haven't had a chance to put in the .49 fork springs till today. After pulling apart the first fork, I notice that the dampner tube wasn't extended fully (only about 1/2way). When I compressed it, it put a good amount of oil out of the overflow holes. It only extened back a couple of inches. I tried to pull it out all the ways it was fairly hard to pull and I didn't really feel any airbubbles. I tried it a couple of times and it just isn't right. I pulled the other fork apart and found it worse than the 1st one. 1st question....am I missing something here. Is this just poor bleeding procedure or mechanical defect. I can't believe both forks are like this and when I talked to the Honda dealership they just scatched their heads about it and then acted like they weren't sure what to do. They said they would talk with Honda. I would just bleed them myself, but if there is a problem, they will definitely blame me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. seijai2000

    Post your OTD price for 2008 CRF450R

    Paid $7150 OTD here in Phoenix. Now to see if the wife will be understanding.